The Future of Rust

Before you criticize what I am about to say, please read this whole post.

Lets start with the plot.

Its 1957 and the Cold War has gone wrong. Russia has deployed nuclear war-heads and The United States has responded in the same, however this has been prepared for. Master architects have been sent to isolated islands to rebuild a stable society for an eventual utopia. Of which, they expect what remains of civilization to live there. Little do they know that they’ve been depleted of supplies and their mission has been canceled. These architects are stranded on this island(s) to survive on their own and there isn’t enough resources for everyone to survive. Friendships will be broken, truces will be made and who will survive on Rust island?

Now it doesn’t have to be like this but lets get technical, however to simplify things lets say Rust comes to consoles. When you start the game you have 3 servers that you can be assigned to, 3 different maps. You and 49 other people will have this server be one of their three permanent (unless removed) servers. Additionally, there will be 10 more slots for friends that you can invite. 1 map might be a revised classic Rust map, another might be giant islands, etc. However, these maps will be extremely elaborate filled with caves that lead to hidden treasure and clues of what Rust island could’ve been. Having such in-depth maps will enable players to continually explore and disable the same old fort spot.






Obviously, Rust requires crafting… Which is why a crafting level would be interesting. Connected through all servers (except non-survival ones) you will have a crafting level. The more things you craft, the more blueprints you unlock. These blueprints will unlock items that have been previously locked in the crafting HUD. This will encourage players to try and make more armor to get new types of armors and so on. This could potentially offer Rust a unique survival game aspect if applied correctly.

Additionally and lastly I believe that Rust needs more variation. I’m aware that it’s still beta but seeing stuff like…


Really encourages me in playing the game. Also, more weapons, building pieces, vehicles, etc. will offer unique, stylistic aspects to Rust.

This post was intended to share my opinion and hopefully change the way you think about Rust. Thanks.

Why would they settle for three different maps when their entire aim was to make procedural maps from the start? It kind of ruins months of work on their end to just pick three maps and stick with them.

As for the variation, they’re adding it. They have been adding it ever since they got going with the reboot. It’s a beta, they’re focusing on game-play and bringing it back to where it was at legacy. In the future I’m sure they’ve got tons of idea for variations (as in all the concept art that’s posted weekly by the people who work there).

The crafting system needs some tweaks, I don’t know about carrying over from server to server. In legacy the game had such a low ceiling cap for end-game, which I expect to change as the reboot continues to grow. Depending on where they go with the crafting system it could work, or maybe there should be perks to allow for different crafting abilities (to prevent one person from making the best of everything).

Engineers could upgrade houses more, gun technicians could make more powerful rifles, mechanics could make better vehicles… etc. Just throwing out ideas.

The plot could work, but who knows where they want to go with it. All I know is that watching the reboot evolve from basically a box in the middle of an ocean with campfires stacked to the heavens go to what it is now… I have high hopes for this game and where the Facepunch team might take it.

Why are console players utterly getting the shaft with servers? garry has explicitly stated that he intends for console players to access the same servers as anyone else (and he doesn’t care if they get destroyed by keyboard-mouse players while on a controller). The description you give of servers is artificially restrictive and I don’t see any point to it, especially because static-assigning people to servers is a great way of making servers wither up and die from population mismanagement and players drifting away from the game temporarily or permanently, leaving some servers all but abandoned.

Also, crafting levels and other artificial progression structures are things garry explicitly wants to avoid. That’s not what Rust is about. If you want an RPG there are plenty of them out there.

The mistake you are making is confusing Rust’s current state for all that it will ever be. It’s still a long way out from being finished.

I guess Rust is never going to be completly finished since its a Survival game things always gonna get added to. But the game is going too reach the baseline soon.

Well, I think Rust could be built to the point that the devs have added everything they need to add, except for supporting the game and keeping it working when new drivers or a new Windows OS come out, or whatever, and the community can take over the rest. Sort of what has happened to Minecraft – the primary version of Minecraft is played unmodified by very few people; most add some mods, and the Minecraft community has created a ton of mod content that allows you to completely overhaul the game into something different.

Server mods have already allowed Rust to be an open-world deathmatch game and a free-form building game, both of which are purified forms of parts of Rust’s game mechanics. I could easily see, once adding content to the game that the client can see (models, textures, sounds) becomes doable without VAC bans, a mod for Rust that turns it into a Halo-like scifi game with a whole different look.

Even as the devs continue to add content, there’s going to be a point that we can say Rust is “complete” and can be enjoyed without a ton of problems or mods to make up for missing things (the way door-sharing mods hit servers before Rust had keycode locks in legacy) as a whole package. Legacy baseline is one stepping stone towards the early access tag coming off, and I would assume the EA tag coming off would be the point where Rust is “complete” as I described here… but it might not be.

Deploy-able light machine guns… Why not just add in tanks, ac-130’s, and daisy cutters?
Anyhoo… the intro was a bit funny, and the use of a farcry screenshot was quite hilarious.


ram, do you know what a daisy cutter is? it would own the hell out of the entire map. so i think the person who makes it would be considered the winner in terms of kills, right?

i would like to see some deployable weapons

I think someone posted an idea (or something similar, this isn’t an entirely original idea on my part) about the airdrop plane occasionally dropping some sort of bomb instead. Could you imagine everyone running to an airdrop hoping for free loot, only to see as it got closer that it was a daisy cutter, or maybe something with a bit less physically destructive force, like a dirty bomb that creates a temporary, high radiation zone?

i guess a radiation bomb would stay for ages there

Depends on the half-life, I can at least think of three with variable releases.

I just made up one in my head that releases an experimental isotope that spreads in a perfect 100m circle around the bomb, gives off a green light, and gives 50 Rust\Rads per seconds for 30 seconds.

The Far Cry picture was obviously an example, for the potential and the beauty the environment should posses. As for the weapons, they are just suggestions. However, things you could do to NERF the LMG would include the barrel over heating and random gun jams.