The Future of the Rust!

Hi guys, im here to share with you my opinion about this game rigth now! So far i loved this game, but in the last 2/3 weeks he is getting worst and even worst. The community is compound only for kids and the game is getting a PVP face and not a survival games. I’ve seen people expending shots on the mutants, like “i dont care about this i just kill this mutants because i need it to loot” and the PVE face is dissapearing. At 3 days ago i discover that exist so many ways to dupe and one of them is with the /remove plugin and most of the new servers are made of plugins like that. People like TP. Econ. and shits like that wich put a game more easyer than it is rigth now. Admin gives are each time more often and in 1º day of the servers exist a metal hosue with full kv and m4 guys.

But im more worried with one thing. For people who know the storie of WarZ(Infestation) ive seen this game taking the same way, and the developers just “dont care” ? Im so confused rigth now… AHHHH. They promess" wow im going to put some helicopters and spacial ships", and then they dont just fix simple bugs with should make the game better.

Wathever i hope u coment your opinion with me and sorry for my horrible english, shit happens when u get addicted to rust and then the game end and u dont learn english rigth in classes XD

Read these and tell me that the devs “don’t care”.

Game is 10% complete, from a studio of 11 people working tirelessly on a game engine that is hard as f*** to work with. Please have faith in devs if you purchase a game that is still in alpha development. If you’d like to put yourself in their shoes, download the free version of Unity 3d and take a whack at it. Devs do care, it’s their passion, but these things take a long time. Even games with a confirmed, concrete layout take even years to finish for AAA studios. This is an indie studio with a game that has very little confirmed direction other than, “to give players freedom,” which is heavily subjective on so many factors that THAT alone is headspinning. Don’t give up on the game because it’s not perfect. It’s 10% done.

Everyone has a different perspective of what needs doing when. They’re pretty much re-doing everything which has been implemented, I believe due to the success and expectations people have about this game has made them set out to make the game everything it should be.

Previously they were so so about modding, once some modding api’s came out, they incorporated these considerations into their future releases.

I know personally that unity 3D is a tough as a bitch to work with, even with free art assets and “pre programmed code” I’ve not yet finished a simple pong based game with little upgrades and it has been 2 months of on and off work

The trello page has items from Jan 28 that are not finished, everything is past due on the calendar. So that makes me feel much better, thanks.
The playrust page is mostly people bitching and not getting censored. Not a lot of happy campers there.
And the last link you posted doesn’t even load for me. So that too makes me feel a whole lot better.

Read them, The dev’s don’t care.

Nothing in the trello has anything to do with improving gameplay in a major way or fixing the game breaking bugs =p

The console UI change would be welcomed but it looks almost identical do the current one or else I’m just crazy. Clipping hasn’t been an issue with me but it will be nice to be able to close doors a split second faster… House ownership would be the only BIG update I’m seeing in the future that would make a real difference with anything.