The future of trees?

Right now trees are pretty boring you hit them, collect the wood and the tree despawns.

What will the future have install, personally I’d like to see trees have better physics for example if I hit a tree I want to see it have a small notch removed and start to loose structural integrity as its core is removed and eventually toppling over and even rolling down hills, Most of all I just want to stand there and yell “timber” as a gust of wind streams through my groins and my penis dangles.

Yes indeed I was very optimistic thanks whoever added that, facepunch forum user y u no lyk my thread.

its all about how you sell your idea, hence my post

Couldn’t really sell my idea because it wasn’t my idea I stole it from another game muahahahahahafhafhafhashdf
btw them trees are pretty but lag the balls off ppl

meh… turtle liker… them trees NEVER lagged my game

you’re welcome:)