"The Future's a thing of the past" Man executing another dude


Though not fully like the original scene (due to me not finding any good reference pictures), this is the execution scene from Children of Men.

The build:



… I don’t remember an execution seen in the middle of a street. Is it towards the end in the big town turned immigrant detainment camp?

Regardless, the picture is pretty good. The scenebuild is nice although some pavements would have been a nice detail. Posing is okay. Some little isolation errors but it’s not a big problem.

For the dude getting shot, exit wounds should have more gore and a bigger hole than the entry wound. Also, the exit wound really lacks detail.

Yeah, with the Uprising in Bexhill.
I’d use some sort of Resistance models for the executioners, they’re more like Chechen rebels in the movie.

And some painful facial expression on the guy being shot and a tilt of the head would be nice

Woah, actually a really good recreation of the scene. :v:
I loved that movie.

Posing is really nice.

Doesn’t really look like he’s just been shot.

He’s got more of a “oh no this is unfortunate” facial expression.

The gunshot wound looks very strange… maybe its just me

I don’t like his face wound.

What is that broken down/translucent piece gun on the ground?

The posing on the guy shooting is quite stiff, the rest is nice, apart from what all the people said(bullet wound, etc).