The g-mod evolution.

Did you ever notice that now garry’s mod is kinda in the 21-22 centure stage?

Right before the 9th version it was kinda the stone age.
As soon as the 9th version appeared the time went faster, so it gets all the era from the 0000 year up to the 19th century.
The 10th version gets the early 20th century and now is about at the level of 21-22 century!

About some years ago a simple car,
that could move itself was such an achievement, now it look weird near high-tech flying cars
,GIANT walking robots(
and androids(!

I dont even tell about the space flight)).

So, what will be next to your mind?
Maybe…the 3rd world war and then fighting with sticks and stones?)))

I liked Gmod 9 building more, because nowadays everything is made from PHX and stuff, while with Gmod 9 almost everything is made out of HL2 models.

PHX and wire takes the skill element out of building.

Also the creativity. Back in the day you see bathtub cars and dumpster tanks, while now you just see boxes made from plates.

And what about the space ships?
They are just useless BIG(really big) useless pieces of SCRAP!
At least some kind of a big all-breaking bug will be a good alternative of a cleaning apocalypse…

Oh,an idea!
It would be very good to change the coordinate line to the dynamic coordinate system.
This will break turrets, teleporters, different mods, automatic doors and even more!

Imagine hundreds of SB ships, that teleport to NOWHERE without any chance to return.
Imagine thousands of mad bots, killing their owners .
Imagine drunk combine, who will rape all players on the server!

This will at least move the progress to make dynamic-coded navigation systems etc…

Just because it’s a bathtub car doesn’t mean it’s creative, they were made over and over again.

I get the impression you’re saying that as a bad thing. GMod is a sandbox game - why should it be hard to do what you’re trying to do?

Because, like ‘Pro’ gamers, they are the ‘Pro’ builders, and don’t want just anyone to actually be able to do it, as it may detract from them.

I’ve seen more PHX cars more than those awesome bathtub cars.

Okay I’m making a dumpster tank now.

Are there any vanilla GMod servers? I’d like to experience what it was like in GMod 9.

Well I’m sorry for having an opinion.

If I ever build (as rare as it is), I tend to use game models as they look nicer, and are original, not just a big box of phx. TF2 is actually quite good for building, as is Portal.

I enjoy using Half Life models for building post-apoc things or medieval things.

Because GMod isn’t about building what you want, it’s about who’s best at building.