"The G-Spot" GMOD News

My team and I are planning a show called “The G-Spot”. Its a comedy Fake News revolving around Gmod.

We have a few segments already planned and written, but we would like to make each video around 15 minutes worth of content rather than 5-6.

With that, we need help coming up with segment ideas.

If anyone would like to help us out by coming up with good suggestions, or if anyone would like to help voice act, act, ect, please post here!

Thanks, and I hope to be posting the first episode by the end of this week (and then every week there-after).

I’d be interested in doing some voice/body acting if you’d let me. I’d also be willing to help with story sections and things of that nature, PM me if you’re interested

I’m a little curious, because this sounds an awful lot like an “Ideas Guy” thread. How many people do you have in your group, exactly?

We, including myself, have 5 people.
Myself - Camera/voice/acting/editor
Nick - Voice/Acting
Desolator - Voice/Acting
Moaf - Voice/Acting
Nick S (different nick) - voice/acting

I’ll render out some screenshots of what we have going! Stand by :slight_smile:

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As you can see, we are using professional grade broadcasting templates.

I’m actually bought a template that a real news station would use. The only thing we need is a little help from the Gmod Community, and we’re set.
We’ve got the dedicated users who want to help, now we just need some segments the viewers would like to see.
Here’s what we have right now in our lineup (may vary)

Squeaker with the Weather (We have a 12 year old voice actor)

Hunter with “Whats going on Down Town” (Interest stories shot in RP Downtown)

When there is “breaking news” - Jake

Satan with the Contraption of the week (voice changer to make it sound like satan, but the character is very polite and interested in the contraption ~ Contraption is always pretty shitty/unimportant/useless)

War on Terror (TTT) - (A “on the field” news report style [similar to iraq news reports] based around Trouble in Terrorist Town)

#whats trending - (Not sure about this one yet. We think it might be a character [undeveloped as of now] poorly/inaccurately reporting on something thats trending in the public [real or not, depending on comedic value])

Interviews - (Think of "Behind two ferns, but featuring real Gmod/Machinima celebrities with an interviewer who is terrible at interviewing)

We’d like to see suggestions!

I feel this project has potential, and if we can get a good fanbase going, I’d be happy to feature servers, ect.

But we would like to maintain the level of false news, comedy, and seriousness, without making the viewer feel that the video they’re watching is really based on Gmod news (which would be boring)

PM me if you’d like to help!

Bump! We can really use segment ideas, guys!

15 minutes feels like it would be a bit long and get a bit boring and drawn out for each video, you could keep them to 5-6 minutes or maybe 10 atleast as you originally thought, and then save up alot of ideas to get videos in more quantity.

Well I can do acting, voice acting (did acting in school and done some voice over work) so if I can help, I will.

Seems like a really good idea with a dedicated team, I can’t wait to see the first episode!

We have a lot of new segments thanks to OficerHonkHonk!
We will begin filming soon!

“Dick Faggotson”. I’m really hoping this thing doesn’t make it off the ground.

Then don’t watch. It was for the screenshot.

The moment I saw the title “The G-Spot” I thought it was some sort of clever innuendo.

it probably is one

Episode 1 is underway! The first episode will consist of 5 headlines/segments and one commercial.
All the segments are written, and 3/6 are completely filmed. The remaining 3 have finished shot plans and filming should be finished tomorrow (Wednesday).

After the completion of Filming on Wednesday, we will continue to work (given we finish in our schedule) to our Audio Dubs. Unfortunately, Thursday may possibly be out of the question in regards to completing Audio Dubs. It will be Valentines Day & My Girlfriends birthday. Assuming that lasts call day, Audio Dubbing will be completed on Friday. The rest of Friday and Saturday will be spent Editing. I’ve been figuring out a way to organize this project, and the quickest way I have found to edit this is to edit each segment individually, batch render it, and then do a final composite for the episode. SO, assuming my i7-2600k likes being overclocked to 4GHZ, Editing should be finished by Saturday night, and the final composite render will be ready in the morning, ready for upload onto our YouTube Channel!

tldr: We’ve completed a lot due to the help of the FP community, and the Episode should be ready for upload on Sunday, 2/17.

Depending on the response for this series, these videos may be a weekly ordeal. Thats up to the audience.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.


This is pretty rad.

Actually looks like you Did Dilligence. Can’t wait, finally a GMod video with effort put in it.

I’ll wait until I see the 1st episode before I voice any opinions on this.