The G.U.N. Truck

I was wondering if someone could port the GUN Truck model from Sonic Generations?

Ported it a while back.

It’s still a WIP – the flaps on the top of the truck spaz out a bit, the flaps on the dented-up ones are welded together (which is actually Sega’s fault, not mine) and it’s only the Classic/Act 1 version (no sawblades or rocket). Either way, here it is.

Cool. Thanks.

I dunno if it’s just me, but the truck is pink

Whoops. I forgot that I used the Team Fortress 2 lightwarp for that (which I’ll be removing for the updated one), and also didn’t include it.

Extract that over top of the original folder. That’ll disable the lightwarp, which should make it appear properly (and not pink).

Thanks again. Also, I like the pokemon pack you put out.