The G-war

I would like to give an idea of another good gamemode.
so,this gamemode is a war gamemode,meaning that people will fight.
but we’ve seen lots-o-games that have simple DM or Vehicle DM.
what about something new?What about BETTER vehicle DM?
What can make vehicle Dm better,than it is now?

So this gamemode should be something like fort wars,but even better.
imagine such a picture-a big city map,not very high-detailed,but every building have a ledder and some houses have little bunkers.every building is destroyable,skybox is high.
so players are divided in two-three teams,hiding in the biggest vaults of the map.
this vaults have some space to build a car,a plane/copter,a robot and a tank.

players have to choose where to build their vehicles,if there are two players in one room-they have to build one vehicle for everyone in that room,but they have time to choose their “profession”(about 30 seconds).if player is outside any of the room-he automaticaly becomes an infantry.
after 30 secs of choosing the profession a menu is shown in the middle of the screen with a vehicle spawnlist menu.this menu shows just the skeleton of a vehicle-tires,suspencion ,baggage place,copter’s propeller,engine and robot’s legs and arms.

After choosing the vehicle type(slow,but well-defended or armed ,middle-speed and middle-armed,fast and light-armed) you have to “pose” your vehicle(adaptate the suspencion for cars,encrease or decrease robot’s legs and choose the type of the engine for the copters or planes).
after this you must arm it with weaponry.
weaponry is not limited by it’s type,but it will cost money!
for example-you have a light car,it is so light,that there is almost no armor!
instead of the sold armor you can buy the ground-to-air rocket cassete,letting you to be the worst enemy of the pilots.
there are 4 types of weaponry and about 4 types of explosives.
1.bullet-based weaponry.
ordinary machine guns.
is effective against infantry and iron reliability armor type.
consists only of a weapon model
2.rocket/bomb-based weaponry.
rockets and bombs!
effective against iron and titanium armor,infantry gets not so much damage,but get the “stunned” effect(blur and color mod+slower for 5 seconds)
this weapons consist of 2 parts-the rocket container and the shooting mechanism.
the same is for bombs.
3.beam-based weaponry.
lazors are effective only against the diamondium armor and infantry.
this weaponry consists of 3 parts-battary,generator and a shooting mechanism.
if they shoot an infantry-it will be ignited,if diamondium is shot by it-the armor gets constant small damage and has a chanse of igniting.
4.chem weapons.
effective against infantry and iron amor.
if infantry is shot by a chem weapon-it is poisoned.
the player gets constant damage by poisoning/igniting for 10 seconds.
if a vehicle is shot-the weak props will be removed and all the moving parts will be less effective.
chem weapons are fliud-so after the exploding/pouring away the chems the territory is poisonous for infantry and decreases vehicle’s effectivness.

in the same menu you buy details for your vehicle,they have three types of reliability.
1.iron reliability(very cheap)
this is light and weak can defend you from some bullets,but rocket will destroy it at once.
can be usefull for creating mines(mines are not the weapon,they are hand-made by players,but the “shop”
has some types of explosive barrels) or simple defence of the pilot.
2.titanium reability.
this type of props is heavier and costs more than iron props.
they can defend you from two shots of a rocket and is almost invulnerable for simple bullets.
3.diamondium reability.
this props are VERY heavy and cost very much.
so this props are fully resistant to bullets and rockets are not so good for destroying such a props.
the only way to destroy such a prop-to use the beam weapon or to shoot the nearby weakier props.
diamondium is such a type of armor that can be destroyed by bright light of lazors!

after choosing weaponry and armor the players constraint it to the skeletons,some parts of the skeletons can be replaced by some more thing-the players also have to make their seats to control the vehicle.if there is already one pilot-the other one will become a gunner(a turret basis can be baught in the shop,else the player will shoot with their own weapons)

so for everything players have 5 minutes.
when the time ends the rooms will move up into the hangar,letting the enemy to shoot the vehicles.
infantry spawns somewhere upwards,falling free to the battlefield.

the battle starts and the fight begins.
there is only one way to win-destroy enemy’s hangar,not letting vehicles to respawn.
the hangars are defended by simple rocket and beam turrets.
the hangar consists of 4 parts.
each one is a respawn place for players.

about the respawning system.
after being killed in a vehicle you can or restore it fully,or respawn it broken.
the full restoring costs money(the damage dealed to props divided by 2)
you cannot respawn without a vehicle if you are not an infantry.

some words about the damaging system.
if you shoot a prop/building it takes damage.
every prop is constrained to the nearest prop/props so if tank’s shooting tower is heavily damaged-the tank cannot fire,if all props here were destroyed-the tower will fall off,letting the tank to move faster.
if you shoot into the rocket/bomb container and destroy it-the explosion will destroy the weapon.
if you destroy the battery of beam weapon-the vehicle will be stunned for 5 seconds.
if you shoot directly into the weapon-it will take damage and can be destroyed,but it will not explode.

one more part-the vehicle’s skeleton.
if you destroy one of the skeleton’s parts the vehicle can be crippled or just be destroyed.
if you destroy a tire,wing,propeller,leg,hovering engine or the jet engine-the vehicle will stop,but will be able to shoot with the repair mode on.
if you are are a flying vehicle you can turn on the safety fly mode.
it means that you will fly much slower,your turning abilities will be decreased to 25%.
or you can just fall down,damaging your vehicle critically if you fall too fast.

how can a player get money for buying weapons and repairing vehicles?
there are 3 ways to get money.
1.destroy enemy vehicle/hangar or a building.
the easiest way to get money is to kill your opponent.
this will give you 1000$ per kill.
there is a bit harder,but also a good way to get money-salvaging.
if you destroy a building you can salvage it,looking for good items.
salvaging ordinary furniture or kitchen appliances will give about 10 bucks per item,but
if you will find some materials ,like some iron,titanium or even diamondium,you can get much more money.
1$ dollar for 1 item’s HP point.
the 3rd way to get money is to destroy a hangar.
1 destroyed hagar = 3000$.

what about the prices?
props cost from 100$ to 10000$.
weapons cost from 200$ to 20000$.
buying a paint bucket costs 10$(allows you to colour one prop in any color)
repairing a vehicle costs 1$ per prop’s HP.if you have no money-you vehicle will have only 25-40% of
its full HP(these percents are random)

this gamemode can be laggy,is there any way to decrease lags?
1.the skeleton props should be made as an entity and consist of simple parts-no high-res textures,no little details and VERY simple shapes.
2.all weapons(except very big ones) should be not animated.
3.effects should be very simple.
the only good effect should be here-the explosion effect,it should have different sizes and colours.
4.the addictional props should be parented(like the parent tool) till the moment of destruction.
5.the buildings are like big props of buildings from HL2.
if such a prop is destroyed-the explosion and smoke effect covers it and building removes itself,leaving another prop-the ruins of that building and some items,available for salvaging.
6.the destroyed hangar leaves a room and some gibs around it.
7.every not moving prop is automatically frozen.

i’ve forgotten about the classes.
just a tank that can have two types of suspencion-the hovering one and the wheel-based.
the hovering one gives you a bonus in speed,but decreases the stop ability-it’s stop-way becomes longer,
same is for turning.
the wheel-based is slower,but it stops very fast and turning is more controlled.

every tank has a shooting tower(sorry for my bad language,but only tanks have it,i dont know how to spell it in the right way) that can be armed with one primaral weapon and two addictional weapons+2 ammo crates for primaral weapon and 2 crates for addictional weapons.
if addictional weapons are very small(like machine guns or little rocket launchers) you can place it on the main body.
cars are made for infantry help.
they are fast and can contain 4 infantry players,1 gunner and 1 driver.
weapons are very small and only gunner can use them.

the robots are giant tanks.
they can be slow and heavy-armored or fast and low-armored at the beginning.
2 players can seat here.
a driver and addictional gunner.
the driver shoots the main weapons and addictional gunner-machine guns and ground-to-air rocket of any type.

4.a copter/plane
this vehicle can have two types of flying-the plane type or the copter type.
if you have about 10000$ you can by the divided flying engine-letting you to take off upstairs and flying then like a plane.

there can be 1-2 players.
driver and a gunner.
if there are 2 players they can choose the weapons they want to shoot.
the gunner has a bonus for shooting-a turret.
if only 1 player uses a plane-he can switch between the turret and vehicle control.

if you think,that its not pure win to be infantry guy,then you just dont know the priveleges of this class!
so as an infantry you have:
1.a jetpack
everyone has a jetpack-it allows a player to fly quickly to the building’s top,letting you to snipe or just get to inaccesable places(such as copter recharge places),if you press shift it wil speed you up to 60 kmph
2.a parachute
jetpack is not infinite,so if you have no jetpack energy left,use the parachute by pressing the P button.
after landing with paravhute you cannot move for 3 seconds,else parachute will be lost for you.
3. 3 mines
optional weapon.
this mines are effective against vehicles in the main mode,and infantry in alternative mode(work as tripmines)
4.3 grenades
optional weapon.
work as contact-detonating grenades in the main mode,and as plasma nades from halo(time-based)
5.the laser pistol
is the only infinite weapon for infantry.
is effective against infantry and diamondium armor.
hurts not very much,but does not need recharge and cooling time.
6.the heavy smg
this weapon is made specialy for infantry-heavy high-speed bullets work like bolts of bolter from WH40000,but dranatically decreases the player’s speed.
7.the rocket launcher
optional weapon.
this is simple rocket launcher.
rockets are VERY effective against any non-diamondium props,but leave a smoke trail.
has 3-4 rockets,non laser-guided weapon.
recharge time-3 seconds.
rocket fly speed-100 kmph,150 kmph if rocket is flying down,80 kmph if flying right upwards.
this is the only weapon for infantry,that can be upgraded with simple aimbot.
it just lets you to shoot vehicles on their way(it points you to the place where you should shoot to destroy the moving vehicle).
this upgrade has recharge time about 5 minutes.
so,i hope that someone will make it.
i can help the project with art and weapon systems.
if you want to develop it-just contact me in PM.

Disregarding your spelling I though that this’d be quite awesome. Until I read this.

We really need that ‘Gamemode ideas/requests’-board.

Lol’d, but…

Props don’t need to fucking cost money! At least not that much.

I’m a literary person, and I have to admit I didn’t read that whole post. HUGE WALLS OF UNORGANIZED TEXT GRAAAH! But yeah, what I DID read, I liked.

Do we really need a gamemode named after the most riddiculous metal band ever concieved?

I like the idea though.
Try learning lua script if you want to see it visually.

No, because there would be more of this shit.

Less text more media pl0x

But less of it where we don’t need it.

Sounds Awesome But How Could U Think Of This Then Want Someone Else To Make It


And How Could U Be So Retarded And Yet Talk Like This?
oh wait…

Are you asking him why he wants somebody to make a gamemode he thinks would be awesome? If this is the case, think for a moment. Why wouldn’t he want? If you think that giant space dildos are awesome, you can ask others to create giant space dildos. Not that they’d necessarily do it… :smiley:

Another “I’m the idea man” and “you guys can make it for me”.

back on topic… this is looks quite good… just hope we don’t see flying errors and crap, but i would choose to make a chopper once i wait 21 hours for PHX to download of becuase i need it really bad =C

Err… What looks quite good? There is merely the idea, nobody has told us they’d be coding this. IIRC.

this is just a request.
if anybody of the developers like it he can do this.

my idea is about really good fight.
this can be made in sandbox,but actually there are lots of minuses.
1.nothing can stop players from building something big and undestroyable
2.vehicles will lag(parent link of easy presicion can solve the problem,but the props will not be able to break in the good way,i mean like real props )
3.weapons are unbalanced(Gcombat is not the best thing to use-much lags and not very interesting balance)
4.there is no balance based on money.people can make their cars very heavy and very resistant against everything,meaning that people can just win every round without any hard work.


one more thing,how can i upload images here?
i can make some screenshots of vehicles and maybe some simple menu demo.

I think a gcombat server with a cash system and teams is what he’s looking for.




The idea looks good :v: but still its just an idea

Now where is that Gamemode Request sub-forum???