The Galaxies Newest Threat.

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LOL have a funny

This isn’t even worth a thread.
This goes here

How did I know that was going to be the thread music…

Oh no we are doomed:crying:

I laughed hard. Have funny.

The first picture shows a lazer in space


Now thats something you don’t see everyday. Oh wait I do. The headcrabs are a bad idea, I could just easily pose the main part of the ragdoll and the rest would fit into place. It seems lazy thats all…

It wasnt a serious screenshot, I was just in the mood to do something, lets just say, A little out of the orginary

You shouldn’t of had posted it. Let me tell you this. We are people who want to see good content, we will give you advice on how to improve and such so you can post the good stuff that we love to see.

Heres some advice, download some custom models or use preset models and practice posing them. Look at how animated NPCS stand and move to learn how they are posed.

Then attempt to up your graphics, there is the highest settings in the options but then go into console and increase mat_picmip to -3 or above and mat_aaquality to 16 to go above the highest settings that could be done via the in-game menu. But only do that if you don’t lag on the highest settings set by the options menu.

Geez, if you take it THAT seriously then just ignore this thread.

Some people do the same on these forums, i feel a grudge beginning to grow.

Never do. Good grief I have been flamed by some, but in the next they praise my pictures. Some pics will be hated and some will be liked. There is nothing more to it:smile:

Resistance is futile… Bah fuck that, I have a crowbar.

Watch out, they have carpet sticks.

Damn, those things are deadly.