The game despartly needs sleeping bag timers back

It is impossible to play alone when multiple people have sleeping bags around your base and they instantly respawn no matter how many times you kill them.

Please add the sleeping bag timer in the near future patch so defending yourself becomes reasonable again.

keep in mind, that would also stop you respawning instantly to defend your base.

in that kind of situation, as much as it sucks, you are on the ropes in that fight. hope that you can find their bags and break them in between spawns, or abandon the base and everything in it.

A better way would be to have timers only on bags that are put out of range of your primary tool cupboard. Have secondary tool cupboards for building only but don’t stop the timer on the sleeping bag. That stops players putting a second tool cupboard there to keep the sleeping bags there.

i mean, the breaker to that is for you and your buddies to place your sleeping bags away from the exclusion zone with your own cupboard (one player’s primary if you implement that) so you can respawn instantly.

really, it’s fair as it is(the sleeping bags, not the 4 v 1 or whatever it was, but even that is just the nature of rust and playing solo). anything you do needs to be equivilent for both the raider and the raided.

the best solution i ever came to was to have each player limited to say 2-3 sleeping bags. if you plant a fourth, the first breaks automatically. that way you can have a backup, and one for raiding, but you can’t simply zerg a site.

One at a base and another to camp a site. Good one. One bag should be enough.

the timer on sleeping bags was ok…instantly spawning sucks

just build in the desert so u can easily see where the sleeping bags on the ground are