The game is awesome even in alpha,with low fps in the crowded areas and lack of content but the hackers ruin the entire game experience.

The game is awesome even in alpha,with low fps in the crowded areas and lack of content.
I was enjoying playing rust with my friend (my friend has serious fps problems, we suspect it is because of the grass and turning the grass off on helps abit but even lagged and with low fps he was having a blast) until we found our 1 hacker. i was running on a wide open area(resource valley, the best place to be) with my friend and we stopped to look around, we spotted a guy very far from us coming our way so we decided to run from him, as we ran my friend was killed with an headshot and i turned back and the guy was right there near me said hello and killed me with an headshot.
After that unpleasant experience we both thought that was only this guy hacking, we had bad luck and it will not happen again. we went collecting more resources cause we just got killed so we collect all the stuff in the resource valley and we were heading home when the very black part of the night strikes us, we couldnt see nothing not even what was in our hands and because we dont like to use torches ( they are like big flags screaming iam here come and killme) we just stopped in the middle of the rocks, after a while this guy -Epic- Insanity kill us both with headshots in the darkest time of the night, we couldnt even hear his footsteps.
This happened in the UK2 server.

how could 2 hackers found us in the most remote area of the game in such a short span of time we thought. there must be allot of them, and we decided that isnt worth our time and we will only play after an update for a little while cause that when servers are truly safe from hackers, even if it is only safe for a day or so.

Its a great game but the hackers ruin the entire game experience.

Hackers are everywhere . Just somehow tell the admins or something(report the hackers) and they will get banned from the game

how do i report the hackers? and will it do anything if u dont have proof cause i didnt get it on video.
i dont think that UK2 have admins.

First guy: Seems like a hacker by your description but no proof will sadly yield nothing
Second guy: Not hacking,you can see at night by playing with your Gamma.

Mimimi unfortunately there is no way to report hackers at this time so you’re probably just going to have to deal or wait until they implement a way to look at peoples steam ID’s.

oh yeah so he playied with his gamma, crafted some thermal googles to see through the rocks and come down on us by helicopter cause we heard no footsteps and killed us both with headshots witout missing even after my friend was dead and i started running blind in the dark. yup seems legit.

My suggestion is to not play on official servers… simply because the admins are never online to deal with any of these problems. There is so much lag because of all the koreans on USA servers. And the hackers are free to come and go because no one takes action. On a community server much easier for you to contact an admin and have the hacker banned :slight_smile: You and your buds should come play with us we just left USA East coast large. go to console (f1) type net.connect

Hope to see you in game! GL

well thx for tip, but iam european not sure if going to USA server its best idea, might be laggy.

I’m playing UK Beers Noobs server, found it quite welcoming Mild PVP rules. Good ping.