The game is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

Okay, so I have tried everything, wasted a whole day on this, thinking what might have gone wrong. Basically, I have reinstalled Windows on my PC (currently on Win7), took my backed up GCF’s, put them in steamapps, and everything seemed to work fine (I had Borderlands, couple of source engine games, everything worked fine). Then there is Garrys Mod. I ran Garrys Mod and it gives me that error (see topic name).

Things that I have done:

-Ran a source engine game (HL2, HL2:EP1, HL2:EP2)
-Verified Garrys Mod content
-Deleted .blob files
-Reinstalled Steam
-Restarted the PC (of course…)
-Deleted the Gmod GCF and garrysmod folder, redownloaded and installed
-Installed up-to-date drivers for my GPU

My spec’s if they matter:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3 GHz
Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT 512 MB

I have tried searching on Google, and I have looked into the Steam FAQ for that error. Nothing works. I have lost faith. Please help. ._.

Update: I noticed that HL2DM and TF2 are also affected by this. I seriously don’t know what to do.

Bump? D:

remove clientregistry.blob in your steam folder

You should pay attention to what you read.

I have not experienced this problem before, but from what i read it has to do with the Steam servers being full. Try changing your server in settings. (and restart again)

Nop, still not working, thanks anyway.

Try changing your download region, i manually set mine to Pittsburgh because its a lot closer then what Washington DC is to Ohio, but i quickly found out that when i tried launching Gmod it would tell me The game is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

So i set it back to Washington DC and everything is fine. If you are not in the US just try other download regions.

to set this, in your main steam window click on steam, click on settings, then click on the downloads + cloud tab and it will be under the Download region drop down.

Remember what yours is currently set to before you change it, once you change it try to launch the game you are trying to play, wash rinse repeat until it works.

I guess the person above you was suggesting the same thing. I tried to “wash, rinse, repeat” with most of them, but no luck. I won’t stop trying though.

EDIT: Interestingly enough, when I switch to LAN Event, it still won’t let me launch Garry’s Mod, so I think that is not the problem?

Are you running AVG ? or another anti virus program, try disabling it and try. sometimes these programs can and do cause issues with steam and its games

at least it helped this guy and a few others

I don’t even have an antivirus now (temporarily) and I have checked Windows Firewall and Defender, nothing there…

sorry, must’ve skipped that line

then i am at a loss to what to tell you

Meh, I guess the only thing I can do now is to reinstall Win7… I’ll do that.

Restart steam, should work after that, press ctrl alt del and end the task in task manager. If it doesn’t work still then simply uninstall and then reinstall steam.

If you was to read his OP then you would see what he has tried, what you suggest was one of them