The game.. just feels different with this new update.

After downloading the new update, I noticed right away that everything is REALLY dark, not actually in game, but in the main menu, and in the inventory, which is very annoying. Also, my framerate dropped significantly, I used to get about 30-35 fps, now im getting 15-20 fps (on lowest settings). And, if I turn shader quality all the way down, some really weird visual bugs start to occur that pretty much makes it unplayable. Also, the color scheme, or something about it makes the game just feel/look different (not in a good way). I’m not sure if this is from Unity 5.1 or because I have DirectX 11, but this really needs to be fixed. Let me know if you guys are having this issue too.

Edit: And, I am also getting that annoying console spam in the F1 Console.

What does your console say?

I got exactly the same problem and the same feeling. My console says something about a sound from null… A user here took a screenshot and posted it in another thread.

Yeah i am getting something about a sound being null

found this in steam forum. Don’t know whether it’s official or not.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The game is unplayable for many people ATM.
With the most recent update, several bugs and lighting issues were brought along, as well as the game just crashing in general. Give the devs a few hours.”

can you post the link to where you found this?

Is it in windowed mode? Maybe borderless?

No, I play in fullscreen

Yeah it’s much better in window mode. The menu isn’t dark any longer but the game feels different. Maybe due to graphic changes. I have to figure out how to get my old graphics…

(Fullscreen is very dark)

Unless garry’s hired a new employee recently, that’s just some random guy.

I play windowed, and I’ve always noticed (in prior patches) that alt-entering into fullscreen would turn the gamma way down. I don’t know whether windowed forces it to use my desktop gamma or what, but it’s something to bear in mind

OK, I’m sorry. Thank you for the info!

BUT I found my old graphic configuration and i can play… OK it’s window mode but it works! Thank you bambusbo!

i wish it did!

look at my nightscene, can’t call this night do i?

I have been playing windowed for several updates, started to happen a month ago, is this bug extending to other graphic cards with the updates?

(a friend told me that this bug was intencioned to force people to pay attention to Rust 100% of the gameplay time or else the server starts screwing with you)

Edit: Just checked, this updte fixed the bug for me (Geforce GTX 670).