The game loads, then it goes black

But i can still hear the buttons when i mouseover them… ANd i can even click them. Sometimes even the cursor stays, as that weird symbol that shows up when you can highlight text… like ][…

This is so fucking annoying, and i usually was able to fix it by killing the game a launching it, rinsing and repeating untill it worked… but this time the menu shows up for a while, i can click and do shit… But then it goes black, with the cursor staying.

Now i am so fucking angry that i deleted most of my addons…
What can i do?

Do you have launch options set? What are your system specs.

Well, GMOD always runs smoothly on my computer, with a single core operating on 1.8 Ghz.

Also, wich launch options?


Oh! I had -console on…
I removed it again, thinking that it was the bugger causing the problem…


Oh pleeeaaasee reply guys… I am in a desperate need for Garrys Mod

Start gmod with -dxlevel 81

That happens to me… But the answer is this. Simply open your steam overlay in game thing. You know, Shift+Tab. It well unblacken your screen when you open it and just close the overlay and BAM its not black. If this doesn’t work, i use to just kill the game like you said.