The Game of Rust


The devs didn’t take zombies out because the community “raged,” you fool.

They’ve planned on taking zombies out for months because Rust isn’t a DayZ clone anymore. Zombies were supposed to be removed before the game even hit Steam, but that didn’t happen in time.

As far as I can tell, the game is based on player interaction with other players. The mobs, whatever they are, are just a way to distribute blueprints and supplies so that you can develop your character to higher levels of naked skull bashing.

Zombies are a shitty enemy, there’s only like, a very few games that seem to even do them right

that and seriously

Right big on the fucking store page

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I’m glad people buy this game when they should know full well what’s going to happen only to later complain that changes were made.

if you read the patch the game makers even state that they hate the animals but they are yet again another placeholder.
it seems silly that they had to get rid of zombies before they were ready because they just couldn’t stand being called a zombie game. i would have rather had them take them out when they were ready but it’s whatever, the new replacements better be good. and for the record zombies were more fun/scary then bears and wolves.

if they kept zombies, honestly, the game would just… no, it wouldn’t be a success. Even with the money it’s gained now, it would simply die into obscurity and be “Yet another zombie game”

we need something much more dangerous than zombies, and scary.

Not Rocket Science!

I hope they perma ban all you fucks from the forums, I’m done with being kinda nice about it, do some research before buying something. Do you go to Burger King and throw money at the teller without actually ordering or looking at what you order then have a fit because you don’t like it? I mean for fucking sakes, I hope all you scrubs get banned AND fall into a eternal hell pit. I say good riddance, Rust just lost the 12 year old CoD fanboy bus, thank fucking god, go away.

first of all anything can kill you at day so its not restricted to night, zombies werent spawning everywhere at night or anything, they only spawn at rad towns, bears and wolfs can kill you just the same way

Fuck off, please.

OP did a bad move but that is no excuse to be a prick about it.

Grow up.

Thats right, lets teach that guy how to be smart and mature by being equally immature and stupid!

No, about 50 percent of people who bought this game did a bad move apparently.

like when you made your facepunch account?

I think it’s time for a variation on the old classic.

Arguably-correct shitposting is still shitposting.

Way to make up a completely opinionated statistic off the back of your head!
Well Done!

Nah really, some guy was looking at the stats from last week, to this week, it seriously is down by half. I mean I did throw the number out, but it’s on the steam forums, really. I know the forums usually consist of the bitter, small populations of games, but the zombie outcry i’ve seen on here, and especially the much easier to reach steam forums is hilarious. It’s like someone stood on some train tracks and was surprised to get hit…I mean…for fucks sake. And if that many people are crying, and flooding the forums, then they have lost any hope I had for humanity. The REASON why I bought rust over DayZ was the direction Garry said he wanted. And I’m glad that he’s moving towards that goal even though there is resistance. You got to understand the masses enjoy buying the same football, or broguy military shooter EVERY yea, if it was up to the player base, nothing would ever change.

Source? Ive not heard of this “Some Guy”. There you go.


Actually the three in the middle are Some Guy at a different part of his life, looks trusting right?