The game refuses to launch.

Recently, I have upgraded my system to a GTX 1060 from a GTX 550ti. No big deal, right? But, it appears it was a big deal for Gmod, in that it hasn’t launched since my upgrade. I have checked file integrity, reinstalled, quarantined all add-ons, used that .bat file in the game directory to clear it any possible non-vanilla content. When pressing play, it will begin to run, the executable is listed within the Task Manager. This will be the case for around five seconds or so until it just stops, no error code in sight. No crash dumpfile is generated, nothing.
I don’t know if this is necessary, but I will list my primary components to my PC for some insight to the hardware, if it has any relation to the situation:
cpu- AMD A10-7850k
motherboard- asus A68HM-K
gpu- Zotac GTX 1060