The Gamer 2: Episode 1 - Searching for files...

Enjoy, and please, don’t poop.

Tasty. great to have you back anyhow.

mmm boxes, give me more! they’re like nourishment.

two comics in one day, from an old ass comic maker

what the fuck boom everything just DIED :frowning:

fixed the size

your posing sucks. people don’t float when they kneel down in real life.

i do

Yes…personal skinned comics are loved by all

bwahaha! Some like 'em, some don’t.
I don’t give a fuck.

You can’t you’re old

get off my lawn!

I like it, it was great.

Lol “Who the fuck was that?” amazing.

He wears antigravity pants.

Nice one

Also, the methane gas keeps him levitating :v:

Haha, I loved the last panel!

Awesome with sauceome.

What the fuck was who!