The Gamer 2: Episode 2 - Model Hack

Enjoy. And stay on drugs.

I’ll get you for that!

Ahh, those hands…

Good thing I have good hands.

Nice comic.

I lol’ed.

Great comic as always (although I’m mostly saying that because it graces my sexy presence).

Oh god those hands get me so hot.

Wait what.

Great comic.

You know you CAN ask me.

I’ll see what I can do.

No worries, got a man on it already.

You think shotgun is enough to stop DMGaina?

I feel sorry for DMGaina’s fingers. ;O

Keep it up!

very nice

Most excellent. Lol’s ahoy.

Hehe… oh crap, my hands haven’t been fixed either D:

And you sir seem to have a hand fetish… runs

Too bad for you I just read VoT. It’s awesome makes me blind to any lesser awesome

a lot of which you have, btw. Nice idea, but I’m hardened by the intarwebz, it’s agonizingly (for me, that is) hard to crack me up anymore :frowning:

great comic!