The Gap

Of death. Literally.

Some bonus piczies




Brilliant work as always man.

Wow, just wow, really love that third bonus picture BTW.

As always, adoring your scenebuilds, mate.

The “Śmierć” is a neat little touch.

Amazing. Again. I love it.

Awesome scenebuild as well. I feel like it.

Very well done.

I would have put the small group either a little closer or added 1-2 guys in the front but that’s not a flaw, rather personal taste. Maybe a little less fog?

It’s great anyway.


Freaking brilliant, what props did you use, thanx :smiley:

Great scenebuild, winner medal!

the sense of scale is great here

Who needs map anymore ? Amazing scenebuilds !

Curious to know how many lamps did you use, i only see two there at the third image.