The Garry Games

Before anyone reads this and thinks “Oh hey another thread with an ideas guy” this isn’t it. I just created this thread to keep anyone updated and to create hype because I’ve gotten so much work done in such a short period of time. Oh and yes, I’m fully aware this thread looks like shit.

If the banner wasn’t big enough this gamemode is called “The Garry Games”, why?

It’s a gamemode based around the ‘idea’ of the popular book(s)/movie “The Hunger Games”.

Never read it or seen it? Well here’s a breakdown:

24 people are placed into an arena, which in reality is a random area where the the climate is unknown/random.

I didn’t go fully based off the features of the book but here’s a list of features I have done/planned for the gamemode itself.



So far there are a total of 9 skills, those being

Blade Weapons - Pretty much anything sharp.
Blunt Weapons - Anything solid such as a bat or metal bar.
Archery - Anything that fires arrows (I do plan on adding a firearm skill just not yet.)
Agility - How fast or high you can jump.
Stamina - How long you can sprint or how many times you can jump without becoming tired.
Engineering - A skill based around the in-game crafting system.
Stealth - A skill that determines how silently you move and how your character appears to other(Masters of this skill will be able to make themselves sort of ‘invisible’)
Survival - How well your body can take: Diseases, colds, high/low temperatures, damage taken from bleeding and how long you can go without eating.
Endurance - The amount of damage you take from attacks. (Skill masters will take a 5th of what a person with level 1 would take.)

There are 4 stats that can effect your characters statistics:

Stamina, Health, Hunger and Bleeding damage.
There are no HUD elements whatsoever, everything is represented visually and by hearing.

Just to give an idea of what the atmosphere will be like expect something like this:
(You’re “A” and the other person is “B”)

B is walking through the forest during the night to hunt for food so there’s a less likely chance of being attacked, but A decided to follow to kill him, eliminate him, and retrieve his items. Unfortunately for A he was very hungry that night and his stomach growled extremely loud, causing B to turn around and see A. A seeing that B was a master of stealth and becoming very hard to see because of his somewhat invisibility and the dark area retreated quickly with his ability to move fast and for long periods of time because of his Agility and Stamina.

Things that will add to the atmosphere include:
Day/Night System, Animals and Weather System(Based off the arena)

Features that players have access to:
A Crafting System
A leveling system that ranges from 1 to 500.

Now for progress(%15):

1.) All backend things are done. (Saving and Retrieving)
2.) Skills/Upgrades and Inventory Menu nearly finished. (Just needs polishing really)




3.) Creating an item system that allows for easier content adding is done.
4.) Calculating inventory space(clientside and serverside) is done. (The plan for weight is every level you earn you gain 5lb’s.)
5.) Leveling system is done. (You gain 5 upgrade points everytime you level up.)



1.) Hunger and Stamina system is done, clientside visual and hearing aids aren’t.
2.) Crafting system just begun, should be nearly finished or just done by tomorrow.
3.) Bleeding system nearly done, visual aid already added.

Planned Features(More will be added in time.)

1.) Day/Night System
2.) Weather System
3.) V.I.P. System that works on all games and servers I plan on hosting(minecraft)

What I have planned is that an open beta will start on 9/15/12, which is when polishing will begin, hopefully this whole thing will be ready to be considered a full gamemode around 9/30/12.

If you’re wondering “How can I help?” you can do so by giving ideas and features to be added or join the development team. I want to keep it small, a web designer and a map designer if possible. If not I’ll have to go on my own.

Stay tuned and keep checking this thread for updates(Or check my steam profile screenshots, I’ll constantly be updating that!), I will update it every time some progress is made. Please give any and all feedback possible! Oh and check out the steam group, for joining you’ll be awarded with extra benefits in-game!

I definitely like this idea, ill be looking foward to it.

Seems pretty interesting. Hopefully it will play well.

A quick question for everyone, what about if the inventory doesn’t save and resets every round but everything else remains the same. (skills, etc.)

I think that would be pretty fair but how long would the rounds last?

If the gamemode were something that could take hours, it would be appropriate to have players start with nothing of any sort, so that old players do not gain dominance. But a long game would probably just end with players quitting before it can be very fun.

If these rounds were <=20 minutes, then any leveling-type progress would be useless if lost. I think the best thing in this case is to have inventory items be more useful than skills, and so also cleared between rounds, with skills persisting.

I hope that each round will last an hour maybe longer but I don’t know what the players not in a match could do… I was thinking maybe a lobby? But I don’t know what players could do there. I’ll take any suggestions.

Wow that GUI

Is that a compliment? :v:

Started polishing the gui and began creating custom gui elements.

Unique name. Hunger Games and Garry’s mod. You took the first words from each.

Get it?


i think we all got that

Well ontopic I got started on the crafting system

Any suggestions?

It’s not called Hunger Garry’s.

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Possibly have different background colors for each tab?

Eg. Red, Green, Blue.

In my opinion that would keep it interesting, unlike Jackool’s gamemode where the user was eye raped with blue.

I’d like to do that but don’t you think it’d just look rainbow-ish? :V I’m trying to keep it more on a theme but maybe in time more near the beta I’ll add color control so players can change the background.

Yeah, fair enough.

I love playing the Minecraft Hunger Games. Can’t wait to play this!

Well I suppose Hunger Mod wouldn’t make a good name, though I got the impression of Garryware when I first read the title.

Names aside, this looks like it could go really well. It’s not only unique compared to other game-modes but it is actually developing beyond the “idea phase.”

Good luck. I hope for the best.

Began working on the SWEP base.

Finished Crafting Menu:

Just needs some polishing.

Also I plan on redoing the inventory. If anyone has any concepts for the inventory I’d be glad to consider.

I’m not sure if I’m able to give you suggestions, but is it possible for one to play as like a Gamemaker and make the player’s lives miserable?

Hahaha, no it’s just purely combat.