The garry`s mod 10 Snpc creator

So my idea: A little like the Player apperance customiser.
(Spore CC like complexity bar)
1.Choose your model from the (A) model browser sidebar.
2.Inflate the limbs to how you want it to show up in game.
3.recolour with the material and colour pallet.
4.Add other models: (Example Alyxs EMP tool, scale it, position it). 5.Select sounds from the Sound Selector. 6.Rig it To VaLVEs skeleton (optional) and choose if you want one bone to be the parent bone to another bone)
7.Use tabs to select the enemys or ally`s teams: combine, Human, Xen, or make a team with the NEW TEAM button.
8.Name it and give it an snpc code like npc_zombie, npc_robbie_williams.
9.Choose its powers like (Bite, hull, fly, leap, Eletric ball- (A blue glow with eletric sounds as a projectile), fireball, mortar beam or make powers in the Power maker.
10.Choose if it can use guns.
11.Choose +Health and -Damage power.
12.Choose if it can eat, or pick up and toss players (Not like that!).
13.Choose if it is allyed with the player
And FINALLY! Use the tester wich will display all the snpc acts, sprite, sounds and attacks in the 3D Snpc viewer!

It may be way, WAAAAY too much to take on, but if luck has it, this can be done! Thankyou all.

If someone made this then it would be way to easy to make a SNPCs and garrysmod would be spammed with uploads of SNPCs.

I guess… I`d hate to admit it, but ive got to say correct… but there is already an snpc spam, like pedobear, scarface, Half-Life Renaissance, the upcoming MMORPG snpcs.
Now dan has gone down, we are forgeting more about him… <---- A sign that lotsa people could go down like dan… And with the Spore Creature creator bar could drive people nuts, and
they would probably… Abort creation ;(

I remember when SNPCs was rare to find on but now they’re not.

Well. Working Ones :slight_smile:

Isn’t that what toybox is for then. Shitty SNPC’s and Sweps are for Toybox, not

3D Snpc Viewer seems a bit too demanding. You should probably just open gmod fast and test them out there anyways, since you can actually interact with them like you should.


Toybox wont support Snpcs! only model-manipulated Freakin zombies!