The garrymod poblem

When i join the server that is not buliding server example RP Flood TTT i dont know why its happen when i join those server its kick me out for reason Browser Message: Uncaught ReferenceError: SetStatusChanged is not defined - :0Connecting to…
The server you are trying to connect to is running
an older version of the game.
what is that i know im not a newbie of gmod but i play it for a long time ago i never saw this poblem before i cant live without it please help me fix this poblem

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Please tell me how to fix it

If it says the server is running an older version of the game, that’s what it means. Their server hasn’t gotten the latest update yet, but you have.

Just wait a day or so for people to update their servers and you should be fine.

Thanks:smile: u but when i see the server info why theres ppl in the server

Their client is outdated, and they haven’t closed their game so they can still play on the outdated servers.