The Garry's Mod Complexion

~Pilot Episode:

It’s not as long as we originally planned. However, we’re hoping it’s just as good- evidently this is our first try at a ‘funny’ Garry’s Mod video, and if that is successful is upto you. We hope you like it, etc or something or other- and yeah, keep the comments nice.

We would respect nice constructive comments, thank you. There will be an evident contrast between high graphics and more FPS, compared to that of low graphics and low FPS. It’s because I’m working with my boyfriend, and his computer isn’t fantastic.

That’s the shit. :smiley:

It was basically just a music compilation. I watched it all. The unexpected stuff is funny, and the editing is surprisingly good. By all means, make more.

I liked it.

Thank you both, and by all means- we shall make more. It is just for fun. :smiley:

The only real funny part was the beginning. It seemed kinda laggy in some places, and you might want to work on the faceposing, otherwise great idea and good video.


And who’s the lady at the end!? Jeez she is scary.

That’s the Announcer. She’s the sex.

I respect your comment, thank you. It’s laggy at the beginning because of it being made on my boyfriends laptop- it’s really not that good, but he wanted to do it. He’s buzzing you think it’s the only real funny part, he feels accomplished: “I don’t feel accomplished, I feel like I want to kill myself.” Oh… oh well, close enough.

We’ll keep on working to make it better, and thank you for your overall analysis- we appreciate it, seriously. :smiley:

Don’t die.

When he said “Baby baby baby AGGH” I lol’d

That’s about it.

Laggy, and it’s no different from other garrysmod comedies

I like!

“that hardhats a spy!”