The Garry's Mod Menu Rotation & Our Section

So recently I’ve being talking to several of the Garry’s Mod developers about an arrangement involving our section and the Garry’s Mod menu backgrounds.

Given the current Garry’s Mod menu rotation pictures have been the same for several years now, and given the massive amounts of awesome content being generated in this section, I figured we could step in as a community and provide the GMod development team with a new set of images every several months, that will be implemented into official Garry’s Mod updates (this will be backed by the developers). Our pics will be seen by tenths of thousands of people (probably more), some of which may join the posing community in Garry’s Mod and perhaps end up here.

The Garry’s Mod development team at Facepunch are interested, and I wanted to get a feel for the general consensus around here, if you would like to see this happening or not. Every opinion is appreciated and welcome.

You know you can actually change what pictures rotate in the menu yourself? I’ve done it with a few of my personal favorites and whatnot.

I mean, if they want to do it themselves they can but virtually everyone can literally drag and drop pictures as they please, on top of the ones already there (can’t remember if you could delete those yourself or not too).

I’m just saying is all.

Yeah, I’ve done that several times. The idea here is to add some juicyness to the posing community and give its work a little more recognition, while also providing an official face lift to the main menu (also designated at those who are not aware of this option)

I think that’s a neat idea. We can always show to other garry’s mod players all the interesting things that can be done with it.

Well since you asked me for my input and if I’d be interested in it (At-least I think that’s what you said, I only looked at it briefly before you snipped your post in off-topic) and yeah I’d say some new screenshots would be good for the menu, However I think you’re being awfully optimistic with how you said it’d help bring members into this community, because the last time the screenshots were updated it didn’t really do anything of that sort, not saying it isn’t worth a shot though.

But when it comes to my part in all this I actually use SFM now so I feel my input is somewhat irrelevant. I haven’t made a GMOD pose in over half a year but you could always use some of my older ones, I’d be glad to provide some suggestions from me. It’d be cool to have another one of my poses in the GMOD menu again, one of my poses is actually one of the older slides too; It’s the one with the guys in a cardboard box fort.

the only way it would bring new people to other gmod communities and actually discover the people who made those pics is if youre adding a new feature to the menu whereby you can just open up the thread/da page of wherever these pics were sourced from

but thats way too much hassle tbh

every few months garry’s mod can be updated with a variety of 15 new boring military poses straight from the screenshots section!

Mad zinger bro! because these are all boring military poses.

Actually all you have to do is simply include the author’s username in the bottom of the screenshot and next to it just “”, no need to code anything in, just put the username in your pic.

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I used to do that a long time ago, just the CK initials. I mainly do that for comic nowadays though.

Those are only a few examples; the majority of people in this subforum do the typical military poses (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s what they want to do).

not trying to start shit, just joking about how a ton of content i’ve seen here is usually just the same thing done over and over again

As an avid lurked of this wonderful subforum I gotta say this is probably one of the best idea’s for Garry’s Mod that I’ve heard in a loooong time. Maybe I’ll try and stick some more stuff in the don’t wanna make a thread thread since this might become a thing.

If too many submissions will be identical in their theme (for example every pic shows a soldier model carrying a weapon) we’ll probably have to give them lower priority, as the pictures should represent the multitude of sides there are to posing, and I doubt the development team will implement them.

Sure but that joke has been said over and over and over about this subsection, rather ironic considering the jokes context isn’t it?

Absolutely into this. I just hope one of mine makes it in (but probably not).

i would say the jokes have some truth to them, hence it being brought up time and time again

Complaining and making the same jokes over and over again doesn’t fix the problem. You could try contributing some non-military poses instead of just whining about that being all there is.

joking about something isn’t trying to find a solution i’m afraid. it’s simply just a lil bit of goofs and some gaffs, you people don’t need to take it to heart

I’m down to clown with this idea. If anything, it’s just a cool way to share everything people work on in this section.

Great to know. I was (oddly so) asked by one of the developers to gather the current images’ authors’ consent to having their pictures replaced (which again is weird given they didn’t have any credit to begin with). Anyways I’m doing that right now. In fact I could use some help tracking down some images. If anyone can name the creators of these images that’d help:

Also, if anyone has any suggestions or advice on how this should be carried out throw it here