The Garry's mod picture request thread.

Hi! I had this idea just this morning to make this thread.

How this works: You post in this thread something you want to see posed(map, models, theme, angle, composition, etc…) and i’ll try my best to create it in gmod. As long as it doesn’t contain sexual interactions, i am up for it(Yeah, i’ll even pose mlp and anime if it comes to it).

What are you waiting for? Shoot!

This is going to be incredibly vague but I wouldn’t mind seeing a pose that’s a play on schizophrenia and insanity.

I could try that.

I’d love to see your interpretation.

Gman balancing on one foot with some baloney on his face.

I can picture you making it all artistic and having some deep meaning behind it.

I may take on a couple requests in this thread as well with your consent, I’ve been dry for inspiration lately.

Absolutely. Whoever wants can take whatever is posted here.

I’d like to do that too, I’m a little rusty with gmod and can use the practice.

rainbow dash doing a butttercup impression whilst being slapped by sweetie :slight_smile:

you monster

Three SWATs escorting a prisoner, only to be entangled and killed by his colleagues.

First request done.

Will try and do the others later.

It’s bologna.

The filename makes it artistic or something.

this is a very strange concept for a thread

I want Gimli on top of a small car riding into the deep gates of Mordor, blasting “Don’t Stop Believing” while mowing down orks with two MGs akimbo style

I think “Highway to Hell” would be more appropriate in this scenario.

~deep V:v:V

Fucking brilliant man.

Maybe someone could pose the current BSAA dudes actually combating zombies.

I don’t recall many (if any?) pics of them with on-screen zombie threats.