The Gatherers Silhouette (Big Daddy about to screw up a splicer)

First time posing for a screenshot.
All ingame, cbf photoshoppin’.

Edit: The splicers leg/dress is a bit stuffed up, didn’t notice this before >_<

Is he going to screw the splicer with his giant drill? :smug:


That came out sounding sexual, it was not my intention :v:

i think i want to edit this

Go for it.

how bout them apples

Holy winsauce!

That’s a bloody awesome edit!

Actually, it’s pretty bad. The splashes look really out of place, and the motion blur is just awful.

ok whatever go and be a dick but i like it

Not being a dick, man, just pointing out what’s wrong.

I like it too

It’s not bad, the map choice could have been better but the pose is fine.