The Gazman Taking Out The Bad Ruskmans.

Iz bored, so I made dis.

Tell me if anything there is to improve, k?

Ist cool.

Pretty epicsweet!

Hmm… the only thing that I think you could have done is maybe have a little less empty space. It is mostly just a nitpick, but if it had been tightened up a bit more I think it would have been perfect.

Nice. Blood and blur is great.

Looks great!

Thanks for the comments guys, I’ll keep that in mind next time V.


Butt should be tucked more on the Russian, also the Russian is like not reacting to being hit. Blame the new no-clip, that’s my new scapegoat.

can’t see it D:

I blame the new no-clip at all times.

It’s back up, fucking imagebee or w/e it is.

Muzzle flash with a silencer? Good posing.

please personal msg me with the link to models

Fuck you.

Is that a silencer?