The Generator

~Based on an idea from Quake IV~

Full HD Size:

I’m never going back into lady liberty as long as I live.

Whats that creature in the distance?
For some reason I’m reminded of the human reaper heart when I see that.

it’s very nice!What models are you using for this scene?

sexual intercourse

Really nice work, although i think you could’ve filled in the empty space with more props.

yes, this pleases me

It’s a Ceph Alien from Crysis 2. I added it for Size comparison.

The Heart is actually the mummified heart model from Dark Messiah
sclaed up to factor 60 using the Prop Resizer.
The Tubes, Wires an Pipes are exactly this. Tubes, Wires and Pipes.
Changes with the Prop resizer, covered with Textures using the
Material and Color Tool.

You’re probably right but I wanted to leave as much empty Space
as possible for a strong Focus. And I used mostly blank props for
a more stylized scene.

you did good

I feel the heart could be a bit higher contrast to help it stand out. But still, very nice scene.


the surroundings could use a lot more detail IMO

Reminds me of the old Id intro. Very cool