The Genesis Device

"An experimental device designed to reform planets to earth-like habitats."

That means it makes the planet habitable.

**THIS IS CURRENTLY BROKEN FOR MAPS SUCH AS SOLAR SYSTEM AND GOONIVERSE I AM WORKING ON A FIX. (I'll also fix the launch system too.) Thank you for your patience.**

If you really want to try it I suggest the moon on gm_spacebuild_v3, that is where I did all my test originally.

Huge eye candy. You don’t need any resources to use it by default (because I thought people would like it for what it is, eye candy) but if you want to just remove the first occurrence of = true from the ENT:Prime function, then you’ll need 100000 energy to prime it.

It will disintegrate all props excluding players, npcs, and camera’s (normal and RT, because it’s awesome to watch from your space station).
Don’t go on the surface, it will be filled with radiation and the environment changes radical rapidly.

It support wire and you CAN launch it like a missile, do it from space though, you’ll need Wiremod for it to work and it must be primed before launching.



SB --Won’t work if not on a planet
The Genesis Device

Thanks to everyone who helped make the model, which is 3 people. :smiley:


Finally! Nice work man.

Wow and it does not work, I get a Nil Value Error

Elaborate or stop complaining.


I hate it when people just say that, you’re just bitching and you’re not helping.

I press E on it, and it does nothing, It gives me a Vaule error the moment I press E, But this was on Multiplayer? Does it support MP.

SP_On Enviroment Nil Vaule bug.

Then you’re not running SB 2.


The first time you press e you prime it, the second, you turn it on.

Ok, got it to work, it goes off and shoots me off the planet Then I go back into the planet and my screen goes black?

Yes I aggree with him.

It looks breath taking (nice work).

It works in princapal.

Once it has finished you can no longer see inside that planet. Everything else works though.

The screen goes black for me, but I can’t even see my gun when I enter an altered planets atmosphere, nor can I see the ground.

The only planet that works without this sideeffect is on Gooniverse, the huge planet that crushs you and is really hot. (Not the lava one)\

Nevermind, it was a glitch with the Stargate Puddle Jumper. It didn’t terraform that planet, that’s probably why it didn’t do the blackscreen.

After a 4th try, the terraform was succesful, but it blackscreened.

I find using the RT camera and normal camera, you can take a peak into the black planets.

Huh. That might be the sprite of the glow. Give it a few seconds to go away.

I’ve waited five minutes. Nice None the less!

I don’t think so. All the planets I used it on blacked out my screen as soon as I went into their atmospheres(it cleared away when I left).

Might this error mean something?-

Timer Error: autorun/RDBeam_NetVars.lua:286: attempt to index field 'Color' (a boolean value)

I get that error as soon as the shockwave is emitted.

Actually, i’ve been in the game for about 20 minutes now. All the planets are black screeners. Even the first one.

An interesting fact:
When using a camera to see inside the planet, it too will black screen when you enter the atmosphere.

Yup, getting the same problem here.

Do you get an error when the shockwave is emitted?

Timer Error: autorun/RDBeam_NetVars.lua:286: attempt to index field 'Color' (a boolean value)

I get that error when it ‘explodes’

Same here.

So the black effect on the planets is caused by this error.

I would think so