The Gentleman (Custom made model)

Finally, after 5 days of hard work, I finally finished the playermodel for our entry for the Fretta Contest:

Thread to our entry (Triple Bypass):

C&C are appreciated, as this is still a work in progress.

Cheers :3:

not liking the shoes, but the model is nice.

haha nice models

Haha, well, it’s mainly because of the phong rape at the moment and the texture itself needs some more work too.


Bumpmap looks rather bad, it’s not really fitting. The model and idea itself is good though.

Rather dashing models you got there!

I read the gamemode that you’re working on… was it perhaps inspired by Monty Python’s Mr. Creosote skit?

He got flat clown shoes, but the rest of the model is nice, and quite creative gamemode, good luck man.

Wow awesome

Reminds me of the Civilian.

You forgot a monocle


He does look an awful lot like Mr. Creasote, albiet he ways 300 lbs. less.

I just might add one, I don’t really know.
Thanks for the nice comments, guys.