The gentlemens model pack.

:siren:VERSION 2 IS OUT:siren:

Greetings fellow gmod citizens, i would like to present to you a pack of models i have been working on.

Introducting the gentlemens model pack!

Never again shall you look like a lower class citizen!

Download today, and become a true gentlemen.
version 2

This pack includes:
-1 Tophat
-1 Bowler hat
-1 Monocle
-1 Fake mustache
-1 Pipe
-1 Walking stick


Good stuff

hit with stick

Where’s the pipe, lad.


Most useful ol chap!

tips hat, smokes pipe

Yes, needs a pipe.

Where’s “the gentleman” when you need 'em?

Jolly good show!

Capital idea!

Pip pip! Cheerio!


Good show there, 'ol sport!


Good sport old man.

Best Model Pack Of The Decade

Aye, 'at’ll be good ‘or some Piccadilly posin’, eh, China?

Most useful there, my old chap!
For future additions to these set of items, if I may ask, you should add pipe, and if possibe, more sets of moustache.
Now, I must go check back how my tea is doing…

Great scott! I have been waiting for these for quite some time. I tip my new tophat to you.

My word.

Requires pipe and cane.

Spiffing idea ol’ boy, top job.