The German Advance

I’ll edit this at some point and post the final in this thread. I have a huge backlog of shit to do, so don’t expect it soon. I’d like to hear what you guys think of the base screenshot, though.

One of your skybox models is actually in front of the tree.

Yeah, I know. I had to do that because behind the tree, it’d be too small, and if I actually placed it in the skybox it’d take fucking forever to get right. I can easily hide that in an edit, though.

Very nice posing.

I like the picture, except that bomber that is about to crash.

Yeah, about to crash into open sky? How deadly.

There’s really nothing to comment on, anything that needs fixing can be done with editing so yeah.

Great shot. Burning Sherman’s a nice touch, especially as I hate them.

The jizz coming from the sky is rain, the white milky silky shit on the wheels is dirt that got caught up in the wheels.

But dirt is brown :confused:

You just gave me an idea. I may or may not act upon it.