The Gims V1

So What is The Gims?

It’s a gmod take on the sims quite simply. I made this before and to be honest it was a total disaster. it didn’t work properly in single player and there where loads of bugs and it did not work at all in multi-player. Not this time though i have put alot of thought into how i was going to do it this time.

Last time you where just a player in noclip and you pressed E to tell the gim where to go. Even this was bugged you could not walk more than a few steps before the gim would just stop in its tracks. This time however it is a top-down camera and you use the mouse to guide the gim, using left click to tell them where to go and right click to bring up a menu of using things, as seen in this picture:

Last time the map was just 1 house quite small cosy but hard to move around in, especially with the old Gim. Now i have a large map and i can tell my gim to go from 1 end to the other and it won’t even stop.

Last time i never put anythough into chat becuase it didn’t work in mutiplayer but today i reallised that because i’m not viewing the world through the eyes of a player (i’m using a camera i made) i cannot see the default chatbox so i was thinking how am i going to do this, then i thought why not use the same system as i am using to create the name above the head. So thats what i did. Anything you say will appear above your head as seen in not very good detail in the picture below:

I am currently in the beta stage and will hopefully have a server up soon. Ignore most of the mosts on page 1 this is the old release thread that i resurrected.

Let me know what you think.

that sounds cool, I think I might have to try this later, too bad its only a single player release :stuck_out_tongue:

Can there also be a skills function where you have to work on skills like cooking and stuff by watching tv and reading books :v: ?

Can I make NPCs go around and be sims and then starve them?

And make an entire city of lesbians?

This sounds epic. First Person Sims, the new meaning of FPS :smiley:

I’m going to try it. If it’s as good as it sounds and you really are gonna expand like add jobs and skills and such, I am definatly going to map for it.


I hate the sims unfortunately

are there jobs?

Nice idea, have you made any decisions related to multiplayer?

It’s a great concept and I love the way it actually is like this Sims.

But the AI for your character seems to be, pretty buggy. Half of the time they don’t move to where you tell them.

The camera also moves a little too fast.

And i’d like to be able to pick a different character than a chick :v:

But keep working on it, I know it’s only V1 and it can be great if you work more on it :slight_smile:

You can choose a different character. If you go to the wardrobe you can change your model. Also i’m considering dropping the SNPC and maybe using a citzen instead, just to see if they would negotiate the house better.


on the other thread that i linked to

I’m unable to download it from your site, is there any other download link?

There is nothing wrong with the link that is there i just checked it, and please no one upload to anywhere else.

One woord: Cool! :slight_smile: I will have to try this out! Looks like RP only more fun!

You should edit your first post of the thread with the most updated pictures. It’s kinda hard to browse every page of the thread for the newer pics.

The Gim doesn’t move at times. Couldn’t get her to interact with any object in the map.

Looks awesome, I’m going to take a shot at mapping for this.

A few comments though:

The camera moves forward at a decent speed, however, extremely fast sideways and backwards. This makes navigating throughout the map very difficult, frustrating, and confusing. The roof doesn’t help at all. Which brings me to my next point:

There shouldn’t be a roof on the house, it makes controlling your character a little more difficult then it should be. However, I guess this should be up to the mapper.

I quite enjoyed this gamemode, but my “Gim” would hardly ever move when I told it to. Also, it would never use objects when I told it to.

This gamemode looks promising, and I’m looking forward to seeing future versions!

EDIT: I’ve found movement issues occur if you press your NoClip button and you have to reload to get it working again.

So, how is the next update coming?

I think the reason for the Gim not moving half the time is because npc_go command only lets you send the npc so far away meaning you can have the Gim go from the road to the lake in sm_gims, you have to lead the Gim along.

I do agree the camera is fast when you move to the left and backwards.

Other than that this gamemode is going to be great!

Yes, the camera is a bit fast going backwards and sideways. Also, It gets a bit irritating when you have to guide them around objects, is there any way for them to choose a specific noded path instead? Are the usable objects like the sink and TV supposed to not work at the moment?

I’ve kinda given up on this because i got really stuck. If anyone wants to carry on with it, go for it but i want credit.