The GM12 -> GM13 guide

I wanna bring some of the things I had back from GM12

So I can be sure that my own stupidity is the only problem if the stuff doesn’t work.
does this guide garry made have ALL the changes I will need to make for anything I need to change?

Yes, you have to manually fix the gamemode/addon yourself using that guide. Not only that, the guide is incompleted (that guide was made when GMOD13 was still in beta). It still has some few missing functions redos left behind.

Is there a complete guide?

if not, could someone make one?

That’s not how programming works pal.

Well considering there already is a partial guide and the reason it is not complete is because it hasn’t been updated.

I don’t see why at least some more can be added.

The functions that have been made deprecated have been documented, every single error case can not however which is why you won’t be seeing a guide for converting. Any decent programmer should be able to look at an error and determine the reason why it’s doing that straight away and fix it using the documented deprecated functions.

these “documented deprecated functions” being what is listed in the guide and on correct?

The googledoc you posted in OP is most of them, the rest are easy to figure out anyway. Just read the error messages and it’ll become clear, if it’s not google search the error, if all that fails post in the help thread.