The gm_bigcity soundscape isn't correct on my server.

I’m running a what I like to call “Clean-ish” server with a simple admin mod and some addons but for some reason the soundscape is always messed up, something other than what it’s supposed to be which is (d1_trainstation.util_city) and I noticed that when I mounted EP1 and 2 I got an even more annoying and different soundscape now, this one is very annoying, water, splashing and backround ambient shooting…

Another thing to note is the other soundscapes around the map aren’t normal either and when I play with all the same server addons in single player, I get the original soundscapes, I don’t think that any addons may be responsible for this.

Current game mounts are:

	// "cstrike"	"C:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server\cstrike"
	// "tf"			"C:\mytf2server	f"
	"cstrike"		"C:\srcds\servercontent\cstrike"
	"episodic"		"C:\srcds\servercontent\episodic"
	"ep2"			"C:\srcds\servercontent\ep2"
	"hl2mp"			"C:\srcds\servercontent\hl2mp"
	"hl2"			"C:\srcds\servercontent\hl2"

I saw it it quotes and immediately assumed it wasn’t mounted, didn’t even read the rest of the code, I deserve those dumb ratings. Derp.

CSS is short for CounterStrike, so cstrike… yea.

Bump, hope I didn’t break any rules right there.

This also happens to me on various other maps, I don’t like hearing trains when I bhop. Anyone know why this happens?

Bump, still no fix to this issue.

You can set it yourself using the env_soundscape entity. Or you can remove it entirely to stop sounds.

How would I remove it? And would there be a way to make the soundscape set to a new one or remove every time the server starts up?