The GMod Collaborative Project

This is just an experiment, but I had an idea. I don’t know if this has been done before. The idea is that WE make something. Someone suggest an idea, someone else starts it then uploads the dupe, then someone else adds something else or posts a code snippet or whatever. I think it could be very interesting. So spazz out, lets see if this works!

At first I thought it was an awesome idea also, but after a while some minge would make a penis out of explosive barrels and delete the dupe…So it could work but you couldn’t let it fall in the wrong hands. Or Physgun for that matter.

well you can’t delete the dupe since it would be stored on a file hosting site, as well as any collaborators computers.

This an old base for my GMS Steelhead class ship used in Naval Play. It was made with easy weld… Very unbalanced with weight, and bouyancy is shit.

Have fun.

alright, looks like our first project is a boat. anyone have some ideas as to what we should do with it.

Make it a sub

I thought this was like the MS Paint evolution forum :C

Put a second base beside it, make it a catamaran.
Do it.

Edit: Maybe that can accommodate some kind of planet destroying laser?

(Gonna be fucking hueg)

Why don’t we build modules for a Space Station so we you have all the modules you can build the space station from Dupes :smiley:

We’d have to agree on a Junction connection of some kind

Great. Now put a gun on it.

This sounds interesting. I vote for this one. But it has to be interesting, not just SmallBridge or Medbridge. How about we make the connector a 2x2 phx metal thing. The one that is just bars. Then we make everything else however we want it!

Dunno about you, but my penis isn’t made of phx metal and dead trees.

We could also make a list of modules which need to be build, so people can shotgun making one, the idea of having 15 Cockpits and nothing else doesn’t appeal to me.
I tried to make something like this on my own, here are some ideas:

Internal Features:

  • Cockpit
  • Map Room
  • Engines/Generator Core Bay
  • Hydroponics Lab
  • Chem Lab
  • Cryogenic Stasis Bay
  • Cargo Hold
  • Pod Bay
  • Central Console and Communications
  • Hangar

External features:

  • Manned-Repair Space Vehicle
  • Radio/Microwave Dishes
  • Escape Pods
  • Defensive Drones/Droids
  • Defensive Automatic Weapons


Dude, don’t.
It’s not going to happen for a couple of reasons.

  1. No one wants to build a boat.
  2. Everyone wants to build whatever they feel like.

Yeah, I kind of gave up on it.

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Collab. projects might work with like Tibbles and Generic Default, but…you need a common base.