The Gmod Epic Show Episode 2

Hai people, after 2 weeks of work I’m releasing my second episode of Gmod Epic Show.
Watch here

I don’t think I’ve posted the Episode 1 on Facepunch so click here to watch!
(of course the 2 is better made than the 1 :slight_smile: )
Basically it’s like the Idiots of Garry’s mod or the Gmod Idiot Boxes, a mix of funny scenes.
You may think that the actual scenes have been copied from those videos, no!
Mmm, not really, excepted the last scene which takes the Ellis Wububu scene from Idiot box 8, remade in a different way, all the rest stays original, not a copy.
Enjoy mah boehs!

It’s a spin off of Idiot Box with original unfunny shit with memes.

Not very good IMO

this. and also the greenscreening wasnt perfect. you could see green around the edges.

I am dissapoint

yeah i had this problem too, according to max is caused by HDR, so turn of HDR during greenscreens.

I made my own greenscreen map to achieve perfect greenscreen like i did in my valentines day video.

HDR causes glow so there will be little glow around the thing you greenscreen

Bloom can also be a problem.
I haven’t had any problems with HDR myself.
Just turning bloom off won’t help because then the default bloom will take effect.
A way to solve this is to turn on bloom and set number of passes to 0 which means that bloom is on but it won’t do any bloom effects.

my solution to this is make a map using a greenscreen texture and and type mat_fullbright 1 it works perfect. thats how i done it for my latest video. cause then theres no bloom or HDR

It could be better but its good still. 8/10