The Gmod Epic Show Episode 3

After a good week of work I finally finished my Gmod Epic Show Episode 3:

I’ve listened to the comments I got from some websites and I tried to be more original this time.
I apologize for the crappy quality of the video but I really don’t know how to improve it since Sony Vegas is being bad with me, doesn’t want to save in the format I want :confused:
Tell me what you think of it, also, don’t be too harsh with the critics heh :V
Also if you haven’t seen the 2 first episodes, here are the links:

Hahahaha. This wasnt half-bad. I liked it. Probably I would have to say to obviously fix the quality. Maybe add more effects. Either than that I liked it.


Mmm I think that will be for the next episode, the quality fix I mean.I contacted Sony and they told me to buy vegas 10 :confused: I downloaded a demo and if I want to make it better I’ll have to remake it entirely, and I don’t have a lot of time.

Wow this series got a lot better since episode 1, (which was pretty un-entertaining.) Good job.

Compared to others Ive seen, not that bad at all :slight_smile:

The quality could use improvement though.

Fuckin Awesomes. :golfclap:

I really liked the predator missile and AC130 part. :slight_smile:

I really liked it

Haha at 6:03-end

Awesome video! I love this style of humor - great work. You might appreciate my video I just recently posted on here earlier today as well (,

@ Max: You must not have given my video a real chance - the humor base is very similar to the one used in this video here.

I watched your whole video, it’s vastly inferior because it’s very dragged out and uses unoriginal jokes


unlike the “epic show” which actually caught me off guard a few times

Haha, fucking awesome

Unoriginal jokes? I cannot honestly say I have seen any of the jokes I used in any/many other Gmod videos (outside of a few references). Sure some of the skits may not have too much to them - but unoriginal?

The epic show here shines in my opinion for its new takes on classic jokes in these videos. Heavy and the sandwich? Dr. Hax? These are common jokes, but used very cleverly in the epic show.

Oh god vuvuzela hero was brilliant!! Also love the pleasant gw ending music :smiley:

You have a point.


I think your own problem is that your video doesn’t surprise and is too predictable

Fair enough. I have some newer ideas for a second video I plan on starting on in the near future I’ll keep that in mind.

lol vuvezuela hero…

I just found it really cliche and unfunny.
Just something that everybody has already done, before.

It’s almost exactly like gmod idiot box.

What music is playing between 6:36 - 6:45