The Gmod Holy Shits Episode: 1

Yeah I know this was my first vid. It will be better next time if there is a next time for this vid and Please subscribe for better videos.

That was horrible


‘videos and movies’ subforum is up a little.

Random humor stopped being funny a long time ago, and you forgot to hide the hud and kill notices in a lot of shots.

I’m sorry, but you need to improve. Next time you make a video, make your video settings as high as possible and use Source Recorder. Also, hide your health.

oh god the camera work is so horrible

these aren’t funny anymore btw

I don’t see any effort


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that’s youuuu

I know LAWL i just posted it because it was 3 in the morning

Then dont post it.

Jesus this is horrible…HORRIBLE, you didnt even bother to get the fucking HUD off.

Booo Get off the fuckin stage

If it’s 5 in the morning, don’t make fucking movies, SLEEP

Well, the section is named “Screenshots and Movies”, but at-least make sure they’re decent, and don’t make them at 3 AM.


Oh wait, thought “Floater” meant the Videos and Flash, Just noticed the guy didn’t even post in the Videos sub-forum.

My tip is to make something remotely good.

my tip is that you leave and never return you useless pile of human excrement

Health: 80

Why this doesn’t surprise me?


Yup I know

Then why’d you bother posting it?