The GMod Mess: Series

Episode 1

Episode 2


Episode 3



Note: I haven’t been on for a while.

brilliant stuff, very original idea, crude humour.

though some greenscreen is dodgy, (it looks abit out of place)


I thought none of this was funny but it was original idea’s & editing genius.

This is good.

God, that is beautiful…

It actually had me, an 18 year old guy, crying like a baby at such incredible vocal majesty…

I didn’t find it very original, however it was quite funny.

It was weird, but in a good way.

What made you decide to make multiple episodes?

Funny stuff.

Oh God, that was amazing, I thought the begining of the third one was epic, watched it three times before watching the rest of it, good job.

I don’t like the jokes, but I guess that’s just me. It was a bit too “LOL RANDUM xD!!!” for me. I think it’s pretty high quality, you just need to work on the jokes and the way you present them a little.

Haha zombie escape refence.

I miss good random videos. :C

Venus, are you aware your avatar has bad grammar? It should be Person’s

Please be considerate and refresh the page a little bit, Episode 4 is now around too…

Enjoy! :slight_smile: