The Gmod Morning Show


EP2 [media][/media]

EP3 [media]

Memes, steam messages, dulb jokes, overused jokes, flailing ragdolls, low fps, farts, random explosions. Yeah, try much harder next time, or don’t. Seriously, that actually sucked.

OMG dat waz so RANDOMZ it waz FUHNNYZORZ. I litrally LAWLD FOR # HOURS STRAIGHT lolololol!ol!!!1!1!

One word.


God, my dick is like burning or something.

Wow that was…

Awful, actually.

Seriously, why did you make a second episode? Either you’re a troll or you really can’t take a blatantly obvious hint.

I thought it was pretty funny.

Then you need to reconsider your humour because it is probably poor.

I can see if its your first video, If it is, Then its okay…

If it isnt, I think your gonna get alot of abuse from this thread