The Gmod News!

A new upcoming “series” with all you great new stuff in garrysmod.We will review new addons,review new maps and have perhaps some "special guests."This series will start from anywhere to today to next week.There will be a new episode every time there is enough news to cover.And we will through humor into it also.

Sounds cool, Need any help?

Ive got a server you can use, and i also usually do special effects sounds

as a matter of fact i do need a special effects person

Sounds i do

I’d like to help. Could you tell me what jobs there are? Also do you really need to use a microphone?

Well,I need a editor, and special effects and sounds

What about a person to record?

Well im the recorder/scripter/director/editor.Too manyjobs for me,but i can handle recording and scripting and directing,i just need someone who uses sounds and that can do some badass special effects.

I’d like to help still. But i can’t do Special Effects or Sounds.
Isn’t there another job?


Well i do know how to do green screens.

I think its gonna be rubbish, no offense, please prove me wrong.

Hmm,green screens? Perhaps that can be of use

ill do sounds