The Gmod Notepad

I would find this very useful. A Notepad inside Gmod.

Gmod kinda consumes a lot of processor and Ram, and it restores back too slowly. That’s why hitting start or Alt+Tab is an inefficient way of consulting some notes about gmod.

What notes ? Well, for example I keep some wav pathnames in a notebook( a real notebook, not on the computer) and it would be great to be able to write them in a gmod notepad file(only available in-game, I’m not talking about a windows application) so that I can access them at any time with speed. I can keep there some scrap expression code, ideas( especially ideas), comments, help, you can imagine what.

My question is, because I’m new to this forum, will Garry take this into consideration and implement it in Gmod or will some guy make an addon ?
Either of these would be great.

P.S. I know I can keep some text through the expression2 entity, but it’s a messy way.

Cheers !

This can probably be done with lua in like 15 minutes. But i’m not a LUA guy so idunnolol.

Just run GMod windowed. As long as you don’t minimise it you can just hit escape, then use the taskbar and everything like normal.

Well, that would be the problem ! I don’t want to run gmod windowed everytime .

Why not? I’ve not seen any drawbacks to it yet. It’s more convenient for everything.

I agree. So its slightly smaller? You grow used to it. I can switch between garrysmod and internet easily.

I also use this html script.

<title>Garry's Mod</title>
<frameset cols="0%,100%">
<frame src="">
<frame src="">

It’s a shame you can’t do a splitscreen over 2 pages without having to do that.

Step 1: Download Wiremod
Step 2: Open Expression 2 Editor
Step 3: Type in empty space
Step 4: ???
Step 5: !tiforP

or you can simply use your steam friends Internet browser for searching things.
go to a forum like this one and type your text in it, and voila, you got your notepad right there.

The ingame browser is shit

I might write something in which you can save notes, and then click a button to print one to the console, or something similar. Might be usefull.

Also, -noborder helps alot

We can probably adapt the Expresssion 2 Editor’s Lua file.

Yeah it’s pretty cringeworthy when you try and browse using the in-game browser when in windowed mode you can just flip over and have Mozilla at the ready.

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take that much effort for someone to make a simple textbox in the utilities menu and have a save button, or print to console. Though I guess it’s apparent that it’s more effort than replying with some stupid answer/argument that isn’t what the OP wanted.

You can try to make some e2 chip that lets you record what you say in chat and then prints in console.

(make something that records what u say and saves it as A, B etc...)


Something like that, I can make it better but I’m lazy and I’m at school now.

Could even be done with E2 + E2 Derma addon.

Would this kind of thing do?