The Gmod Variety Show: Episode 2 (Now with 70% Less stop motion!)

Note: I would have posted this here earlier but I was away at a place without any internet connection.

Without further delay, here’s The Gmod Variety Show Episode 2.

I would’ve cut off the first 1:20, while the lyrics are nice, your voice isn’t exactly singing material, haha. Some of the parts onwards are funny though.

Yeah I tried to find a suitable voice effect to use, but I couldn’t replicate the intro style with it.

I had a tough time putting this together.

It was originally going to be longer, but two skits were cut because the game crashed before I could film one, and the other because I’m waiting on a model being made.

Also my computer has been overheating because of all the Fraps files taking up space on the hardrive.

Which segments did you find funny though?

The cadillac part & parody with samuel jackson. Keep trying though, the jokes need more umpf.