"The Godspy: Heavy Brasi is dead"

I did not know what to call the picture, so I wrote nonsense.

I remember this mission in the godfather, Very well executed bro.

Though this is more the fault of TF2’s cartoony proportions, I really can’t see the knife in the hand affecting Heavy too much, or Spy trying to hold his arm down making much of a difference…

I wish to know where you got that bullet beltless heavy good sir!

^ And the Cigarette-less spy.

I guess he just edited the cigarettes out. Dunno about the ammo belt, could be a bodygroup.

The cigarette is a bodygroup, and you should have put the knife deeper in his hand, so it looks like it’s actually holding it to the table.

It’s a message, it means that Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.