The Golden Gamers are recruiting! (Now accepting admin applications!)

We started as a group of friends who have casually gamed together for 15 years, now we are starting our own community!

Steam Group:

We are looking for fun, friendly rust players to join us.

We are also going to be taking applications for a few more forum admins and server admins on the following server.

Our Server Information:

If you are interested in being an admin feel free to apply!

Application format:

Overview of what we look for in Administrators:
Some actual admin experience, though this is not required it is a definite plus.
Be active, we would rather have 5 active admins then 50 inactive ones.
Be responsible, we don’t want people who say they will do one thing but do another.

Feel free to apply here but applying on our forums would probably be better.

Our goal is to get maybe 10-20 very active admins so we can always have at least one on. This way hackers can be delt with swiftly.

I’ve said it elsewhere, and I’ll say it here.

People can be anyone they want online. Someone may act mature, say they have administrative experience and walk the walk while they’re supervised - but openly recruiting strangers is a horrible way to find admins.

Though I will also say - it’s your server, do as you want.

Appreciate the input but in the past we have found that the majority of people aren’t dicks when you turn your back.

Ideally we would get people to vouch for potential applicants but making sure we have several admins on at a time to watch each other is just as effective.

We will also limit the powers of newer admins until we can trust them fully.

20 admins???
Ok let me be one Ill only spawn items for a few friends to raid noobs oh of course ill need the uber hatchet and bow for myself for raiding

As I said before commands will be limited. We will disable the ability to spawn items among other things.

20 admins really isin’t that many, most people I know don’t play more than 2-4 hours in one sitting, in a 24 hour day we need quite a few to make sure we always have at least one or two on. Also I said 10-20, no 20, that means the number would be adjusted depending on need.