The Good the Bad and the Ugly Behind the Large Influx of Players to Rust

So it’s been about a week since I’ve joined Rust and man what an interesting time it has been. I have been busy building, looting, killing, stealing, defending, and surviving almost constantly since I got access to Rust after hearing about it during the few days in which it was open to anybody. So yes I am part of this large influx of people that I am referring to in the post. And as a member of this infamous group I’ve seen so much hate being thrown towards me and my fellow open joiners by the people who were here prior that I felt it was time for someone from this group to give an somewhat educated opinion on this matter and to show why we may not be the ultimate evil that we have been portrayed as by the general population.

The Good :smile:
The opening of the floodgates has drawn much attention to Rust (probably more than was intended). The use of sites like Reddit has provided Rust with a large crowd of new fans to the game and was what led me to this glorious game originally. I love Rust and would have never been able to adventure with you guys without Reddit. Here’s some of the reasons that I believe that the large influx of players is a good thing to the overall game of Rust.

Bug Fixes: With a small amount of similarly minded individuals playing the game works fine and everything is peaceful. But this is a real game that is going to be sold to real people who will find the most efficient way possible to survive. If that results in using the wall bug and other exploits then they will do it. Keeping the game a secret from the exploiters only hinders the game’s progress. If a huge amount of people are exploiting the game to the point of it causing the game to collapse then you can guarantee it is going to be the first thing on devs’ list to fix. Game population is good for game debugging because it provides a lot more data from a lot more sources and shows problems that may not have existed in a small population.

Enhances Gameplay: Rust is a survival game, your objective is to survive. Prior to the opening to the public from what I understand everyone was pretty peaceful and the game was easy to survive in. Are the people defending that the “large influx of people is bad” saying that they can’t adapt their survival skills to compensate? Your goal is to survive, nobody said it was going to be easy or that the gameplay wouldn’t change as the game grew up. This large influx of people is changing the meta, resource rich spots are limited now by hunger players, requiring more advanced gameplay in order to survive and thrive. Adapting to changing situations is what makes survival games so enticing. Not a single session of playing Rust is going to be the same, you could be lucky and find everything you need without incident or you could run into a gang of wild people hunting for guns with their hatchets. How you play is just that, how YOU play. There are no rules and the game is meant to be that way. And if you don’t believe me just read this excerpt from Garry’s blog:
[HR][/HR]One of our main aims with Rust is to not control how people behave directly. For example some people want us to implement something to discourage people killing each other. Some kind of rating. Or turn killers red to warm you they can’t be trusted.
I hate that. It’s not giving the players freedom. The players should decide how they play the game. You should be fearful of others. That is the whole point. This is a game where the player makes their own story… and emotion plays into it a lot. If you see another guy in game… – you’re going to be scared of him at first. But then you sniff around each other and decide to go on an adventure together. You begin to trust each other. That means so much more if you both had the ability to kill the other at any time and didn’t. And you weren’t just doing it for a green +1. End quote
Fear is what has been given to this game with the influx of players. Prior to the influx there wasn’t enough fear towards the average person because there wasn’t a reason to fear them. People were generally friendly and trustworthy. The average person Killing On Sight has forced people to be more skeptical, but on the same token rewards players even greater for making friends. Having even one person to tag along with makes a huge difference in how successful your endeavors will be because you actually NEED them now. When everything is peaceful it is convenient to have a friend, but in a battlefield it is REQUIRED. I would not dream of chopping a woodpile without my partner watching my back because to me its a required part of survival. In so many situations we have been able to overcome enemies due to the teamwork that our group provides. The days of living on your own in a shack are over if you want to thrive in addition to survive.

More Support: If this game is to have enough traction to beat other similar style games then it absolutely needs an ARMY of supporters. A small group of dedicated players is great, but if Rust is to become a game that is not going to be overshadowed by games like DayZ and its standalone, there needs to be a crowd of people behind it ready to say that yes this is a game that is worth buying over other survival games. People are on a limited budget and once this game goes to the market it is going to need all the supporters to compete against the already established names. If it doesn’t then the game makes minimal money and shuts down any kind of future support and development that it might have gotten had it been successful.

Creating Solutions to Hackers: If anyone here has played the DayZ mod (most likely) you have probably run into hackers at some point or another. In fact if you have never run into a DayZ hacker while playing you probably didn’t play enough. The game was (probably still is) completely swarmed with hackers. So bad in fact that I had to quit entirely because of entire servers worth of people were getting wiped after weeks of successful survival. I was fed up with hackers and that there had been no solution created to compensate it because there had been no problem with hacking (presumably) before it went viral. That’s because the game went viral before the problem was solved. They couldn’t get control of the situation for many reasons, but it resulted in me and a lot of other DayZ players to leave the game entirely. Although many people have joined Rust the game is definitely still in its pre-viral stage. Right now in Rust is the absolute perfect time to get the hackers taken care of by giving developers time extremely early in development to create a defense against them using the small number of hackers that are present in the system now as a sample to what could happen. If DayZ had been able to get a solution to the hackers made prior to going viral, I might still be there playing it. If the game had nothing but peaceful-non hacker type gamers playing it up to the release then it would fall face first to the hackers day one.

The Bad :suicide:
Not everything about this large influx of players is good, many bad things have come of our arrival and are legitimate concerns to everyone playing.

Ruining the Experience for Some Pre-Alpha Players: The entrance of so many people has obviously lead to some backlash by some of the original supporters. And this is warranted to some extent. The players who joined the game have completely changed what the game was to something entirely different. Instead of a world of peaceful survivalists who are keen on creating something of this post apocalyptic area the game has turned into what could be considered another DayZ/WarZ/killfest game. Those who liked what the game was in Pre-Alpha may not enjoy the game anymore, which is alienating a large portion of some of the most devout fans of the game.

Lag: Feel like going somewhere today? Not going to happen when your door takes 30 seconds to open. The lag caused by such an influx of players is definitely something that has everyone annoyed, new and old. Although it seems to have been ironed out for now, it is bound to happen again if/when the game goes to a more open state again. Games like Sim City show that a reputation for poor servers in an always online game can be crippling for the game’s future.

**Claustrophobia: **As the population gets bigger so does the number of shacks. In places of extreme wilderness now many houses can be seen and many of the old hotspots for finding a personal field of bounty now have hordes of players living on the land. This can be fixed through expanding the map at a later time but what happens once the servers stop getting wiped? Will the world of Rust become a world of abandoned shacks and overcrowded spawn zones? This influx of players shows that the number of houses may quickly overrun the number of places available if some kind of mechanic isn’t put in place to help control the growth of personal property.

Prevalence of Hackers: I touched on this in the Good section but I feel its impossible to ignore this factor in the bad section. No matter what eventually comes of it, hackers are bad. They ruin the game for everyone and no matter what the future good they may hold if the game is having problems with them now it is directly disturbing everyone’s gameplay.

The Ugly :pwn:
This is really the most dangerous thing happening to Rust right now and if the ugly things don’t stop defining the community of Rust then Rust itself is going to gain that ugly personality throughout it’s development and beyond.

EXTREME Elitism: If I had a nickel for every time I have heard someone complain about Reddit or any post-beta key people in the game and on the forums I would have probably 100x more nickels than the number of people who actually joined during that time. If there is something I hate about Rust so far it is the people who feel entitled to have the game built around them because they were early supporters. We appreciate that you were here from the beginning and were responsible for making Rust a reality but I have never felt so unwelcome in a gaming community before and I play LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. For those of you who don’t play League of Legends it has probably one of the worst communities of people ever created in a videogame to date due to the number of people blaming each other for game losses. If people don’t stop this kind of elitism and blaming in Rust then the only thing people are going to remember about Rust is that it is full of people that are violently unwilling to accept new members into the game. Rust is good, REALLY good, in fact probably the best survival game that I have seen to date. The only thing that could possibly hold this back is the community. Its up to you whether or not you welcome and adapt, and I pray for the good of Rust that you do because new players are going to keep on coming and there is nothing that you can do to stop that.

That’s pretty much it. I’m not saying that I’m right on every single point but this is an opinion of the game coming from a person who found his love for Rust just a little later than you did. If even one person reads what I have to say then I’ve spread my message far enough. Just start treating me and everyone else that came after you as players instead of a plague and I will be happy.


I get your points but one thing about forums is keep it simple, long winded explanations don’t tend to be read, but I reddit.

I felt that keeping it simple wasn’t applicable because it would have resulted in me not being able to explain all my reasons behind what I had to say. If people don’t want to read it that’s their choice.

This forum always seemed to of had a strong xenophobia directed towards the Reddit community. If I look back at all the threads and posts about Reddit, many of them pretty much depict Reddit users as goof balls spewing idiotic memes. (I don’t think this way, don’t hurt me.)
I don’t think the elitism is because they’re Redditors/ or from wherever, the original supporters of Rust are probably ticked off at the fact they’re being chopped down more often than normal. I’m sure many Redditors themselves are annoyed as much as any other user from the KOSing. Anyone from any place can be a KOSer, the users here need to understand that.

rust only got 1 popular post on r/games, i am pretty sure most off the idiots ingame are from different sites since i think fairly highly of that subreddit.

Probably news sites or youtubers. That’s where most idiots usually come from.


Dota 2 is the worst community

This a fantastic post, i love having people like you on facepunch. This community’s age range is heavily skewed towards 16 years old. (That makes me feel old). Facepunch, and as an extension, Rust, is their secret club and they don’t want anyone else coming in and messing up their good times. Games need to grow, and if Garry and the rest of the team can make this a sellable game it will be an extremely enjoyable game. However, until that time comes and we can get our own secret server because we’re literally children, we need to learn to share.

Well put, OP. I don’t quite agree with the “good” bits, though. At the moment, there are so many hackers and griefers, that everyone just shoots first in “self defense”, and the game is unplayable as you can’t build anything that won’t get ruined by a hacker within minutes.

Actually, we shouldn’t even call them hackers. None of them know how to hack anything, they just use cheat utilities they bought for a few bucks, or even stole.