The Gooniverse

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] The Gooniverse

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.1

[tab]Description:[/tab] A spacebuild map set in the lush Gooniverse System

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] PHX Model Pack, CS: Source

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Welcome to the Gooniverse, bitches:

The Gooniverse is my first attempt at learning Hammer and at creating a complete map. I have created one or two small environments here and there, so even though I’m releasing this, it’s only like my third map. I’m sure the more experienced map makers out there will spot tons of sloppiness or dumb things - however, I take a lot of pride in my art no matter what it is, so I’ve done everything that I could with my current skillset to deliver a polished, good-looking, and performance-sensitive map that I can. I think I did that, because I am very happy with the result!

So THIS IS THE GOONIVERSE! If you haven’t heard of Something Awful, you’re about to. We are a force across the internet, and now - THE GALAXY. The two private servers for members (or “goons”), one of which is mine, have provided me and others with ENDLESS entertainment and inspiration. These are some of the best Gmod players around folks. We love our spacebuild and I wanted to create a map with unique environments to reflect the creativity of the Goons and provide inspiration for further Spacebuild games.

I tried to keep my goals for the map pretty simple: my top priority was awesome visuals. My second priority - good performance. I tried to cut corners wherever I could, and add as many perfmormance-enhancing touches that I could (for instance each planet’s atmosphere has an occluder, making it so you don’t have to render props when you’re not on a planet). the third was to make a balanced battleground for space wars etc., so I’ve placed two habitable planets across from each-other with evenly spaced settling areas (be it an asteroid belt or a planet). This is a good setup for fighting over resources like Tiberium.

OKAY ON TO THE FEATURES, these are the kinds of things you can expect from the map:

-6 original planets

-Hiigara: An earth-like homeworld.
-Kobol: Also earth-like, with a climate that has recently reached a livable state after an ice age. Also has some fun floating ice pieces (can be removed for fps boost)
-Coruscant: a metropolis, abandoned for hundreds of years. This planet makes a very good strategic “capture” point in space wars, given its location and architecture.
-Demeter: a mild but toxic planet. Thousands of years of fumes and corrosion has almost split this planet into space dust.
-Cerebrus: Closest to the sun, this now-inactive planet has been dried of all its liquids to create a barren wasteland of sand and… sand. This is the harshest planet to live on.
-Endgame: A magma-covered ball of ash and rock, with a series of volcanic tubes leading into a large underground cavity.

-colormod and bloom setting for each
-TWO immediately habitable planets
-a large asteroid belt
-a large prefab space station, ready for additions** (IMPORTANT: This station WILL drop your FPS by at least 20, however it is one giant physics prop, so use the REMOVER tool on it at the beginning of a game for a large performance increase)

Have fun and see you in space!

Short special thanks:
-SOMEONE made the skybox, I don’t know who it is. I found it in my Garry’s Mod materials directory and it fit PERFECTLY. Let me know if you made this and I’ll give you credz.
-the Something Awful forum goons for a great beta test last night
-the Celestia Motherlode - my resource for most of the textures. Big up to these guys for having this stuff available:
-anyone who has ever edited the Valve wiki - can’t believe how good of a resource that is sometimes

Please report bugs in this thread. This is my first map so I really need the feedback!

You can email me at CitizenWeeGee(at)

Fucking awesome map.

Thanks man Goon love :slight_smile:

This map looks incredible!

Holy cow.

That’s pretty nice for a third map :smiley:

PRETTY NICE?? You must mean Best fucking map ever!

WOW! Gorgeous map, I always thought that solarsystem_v2 is the greatest spacebuild map but yours looks SO much better.

Mapping King’d.

Thanks guys I’m glad everyone likes it so much!

Just want to mention that the station is pretty much a WIP… I just now realized that I forgot to make the ladder work, plus its generally not quite finished. You can also move the station props, its kinda weird. That’s part of the engine though, can’t really change that. I might find a way around it though, I have a few ideas.

I’m not done with this map though! I hope to release a version 2 sometime soon.




That’s awesome! :excited:

That is fucking awesome!!! :wooow: Is there any usable things on the space station? Such as doors and stuff?

yeah, there’s an elevator and an airlock with two doors on the station. It can also be moved around by grabbing it with the physgun on the parts with brush geometry.

I just make it orbit Hiigara on my server, it was pretty cool :slight_smile:

I love you.
This is the most awesome map EVER.

Downloading now.

God bless you.

Amazing map I am going to put it on my dedicated server right now.

I LOVE you in the Liking the map way.

You’ve just revived spacebuild for me.

Well by gosh I’d tap that.

This map is good and w/e but check out this pic of Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel putting the moves on a black chick.


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(User was banned for this post (Reason: You can explain why this isn't derailing in the RC (in post "" by garry)))