The Gray Fox come out of retirement for a tempting steal.

For some reason Coach and Rochelle are the hardest for me to think of good poses for.

“I know one thing… I’m grabbin’ septims”

Coach’s fat head is the only one that looked reasonable under that cowl.

lol coach looks hilarious with the gray cowl



“Stop! You… You’re the Gray Fox! You’re wanted for… Well… A lot of things. I’m getting a promotion for this!”
Well done.

“I know one thing… I’M GETTIN’ OUTTA HERE!”

And here I was expecting a cybernetic ninja.

If I had a cybernetic ninja or had the patience to make one. FUTURE PROJECT! :eng101:

Lol. Nice work.

I haven’t played Oblivion in a long time and I found myself expecting something to do with this:

You sure Septims are all he’s grabbing? :smug:

I like this picture a lot. Coach actually looks pretty good with that cowl.


I have never played an MGS game in my life. So chances are I will never do a picture inspired by somethin in it.

Thanks everyone.



lol i love oblivion


Il ove how coach looks with the mask

Coach is in sneak mode.

Reminded me of MF doom

Sneak Skill Increased by 2