The Great Adventure -- Now hosting Trouble In Terrorist Town!

I’ve recently changed the gamemode TGA runs to TTT. Here’s a few things to summarize us for new people and give a lowdown of the changes to the returning people.

The Server:

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about us before. If you haven’t, let me just start out by mentioning that we’re a community that prides itself on good and mature administration (every admin has been hand-picked by myself based on how long they’ve been around and how good they are at handling things) and a fun and easy going populace. We’ve been around for one and a half years now and generally have a good amount of experience with various types of people in Garry’s Mod. As of late, as a result of an extremely low player count, I’ve changed the gamemode from our previous TGABox to Trouble In Terrorist Town.

The Rules:

These are a bit changed from last time. While we still largely base everything on common sense, some things must be noted because of the gamemode change:

Micspam is not allowed just because people use voice a lot. Do not bypass sv_allow_voice_from_file.

We do not care about RDM. The karma system is in place to discourage people from RDMing. Karma penalties are extremely strict (at 125 karma per teamkill) and you get autokicked for going below 50 karma. You regain karma at a rate of 100 per round and 100 per legit kill. We prefer not to have silly archaic rules against it and let the system do the work. We don’t encourage it, but we do not discourage people using their intuition instead of waiting for traitors to come out of the woodwork.

The Maps:
We do not run any default CS:S maps. We have about 30-40 TTT and DM maps that are too numerous to mention here.

The Administration:

JusticeInACan - Server Founder
Baximus - Community Manager
Commander Evil - Community Manager
Ghor - Community Manager
<3 - Super Admin
Boss Nigguh - Super Admin
Lolikips - Super Admin
Pharmacist - Super Admin
Repox - Super Admin
Mr. Jack - Admin

The IP:

The Steam Group:

The Website (Donations, Forums, etc whatever that kind of junk):

The Ventrilo (Read the MOTD if you plan on joining):

Will try. Looks promising

What do you mean I cannot go below 50 karma! I better be a traitor every round then because I’m sick of being innocent! I am not innocent!

It looks like you gave effort making this. Im going to try this.

Updated the first post with our Ventrilo since it’s pretty much the most active aspect of the TGA community. Read the MOTD if you plan on joining.